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NTW Taxing on Mid-to-High End System

TomahawkAssaultTomahawkAssault Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi guys, I am fairly new to Napoleon: Total War, having just started playing about 8 months ago. The issue I am having is that my GPU revs up very high as the temps creep close to 70 degrees celcius, even on the campaign map. I am gaming at 1080p and my specs are: Core i5-8400, 16GB RAM (2666), and an EVGA GTX 1060 6GB. I have neutral case pressure with very good ventilation, both intake and exhaust.

The game generally performs and plays well with the occasional--but infrequent--crash, but really seems to put a load on my PC, especially on Ultra settings. Based on NTW recommended specs, I feel that my system should be total overkill and should not even break a sweat to play it. I can play more modern, graphically advanced games on Ultra settings such as Fallout 4, Wreckfest, or Tannenberg without reaching even 60 degrees, while this old title has me nearing 70. Just seems really odd.
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