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Crash in coop multiplayer

NandouNandou Registered Users Posts: 1
Build: v1.3.0 Build 12719.1564744

Detailed description:
In a co-op multiplayer game, both ToB crash at the end of the Host's turn. When the Host pushes the turn over button, on both computers, ToB crash, close and both computers return to the desktop. Even if we try to load the game from a previous save, the same thing always happens at the same moment, in the same turn.

Reproduction Steps:
The game is going well. No problem.
The Host plays finish his turn and press the turn over button.
ToB crash on both computers when the turn should pass to the Client

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:

All of these were unsuccessful:
Tried multiple times to reload from our manual save at this same moment and from the auto-save
Tried to reload the game from previous saves
Updated our graphic drivers
Checked the updates of Steam and ToB
Tried all of this again an other day
Tried to copy the empty modified.log file from the client to the host (we're really out of solutions)

Attached files:
The relevant mini dump file
A copy of my Multiplayer Campaign .save game, from both the client and the host
A copy of my DxDiag
A copy of my preferences script
The modified.log file (.txt) was empty (0 bytes) for the client and didn't exist for the host
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