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A couple of suggestions for Bretonnia

GoatforceGoatforce Posts: 3,054Registered Users
Really enjoying the patch for Bretonnia atm, the patch is really well done! There are 2 things that I have noticed that seem rather odd and a bit disruptive to the experience.

1: The Fey Enchantress' new item should be an Enchanted Item, rather than Arcane. Don't know if this was an oversight but I don't think you should have to choose between unique items (except in cases like the Widowmaker) and with Chalice giving a free Comet, the new item seems fairly redundant, even though it is actually a pretty good item. Since it doesn't give an active ability, please put it in Enchanted Item slot!

2: The Questing vow to protect. I like the idea but making it both for beating a LL and making the selection specific to GS, DEs and BM makes it unnecessarily restrictive - and Skarsnik and Khazrak are really the only candidates (in my game they have also been wiped out!) in the early - mid game. I would suggest either making it "beat x lords" of those races or expanding the selection to include beating a LL of Norsca, Skaven, VCs and Coast - who would fit under the "Vow of Protection" as well as the ones currently allowed.

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