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The AI Death Party

HaiphongHaiphong Posts: 12Registered Users
Ya know when an AI faction gets down to one settlement and they just start recruiting as many lords as possible each having maybe 2-3 units in their army and they just dance around the settlement dying of attrition because they have no money?

I don't think it's a bug but it's definitely gotta be a known behavior that's been around since launch. I think they addressed it in the latest expansion but it still happens.

I'm just curious, someone's gotta know. What's the game's logic in doing that?
Like somewhere in Warhammer II's deep and complex logic algorithms there's some set of functions interacting that that produce the effect of

{if(Death == Certain)
recruit lords * infinity;
faction.survival = 0;
or some crazy dingbat like that and no matter how safe you make it around them they just dance their dance of death until you either confederate them or some lone Orkboy comes and takes their loot.

Has anyone ever seen or read up on the cause? I know this game's really complex and beyond my mortal ken but this question has been biting at me every time I play.

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