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Coming From Crappy Mac Need Help With Budget Gaming PC Full Setup for Total War

grindfactorgrindfactor Posts: 4Registered Users
I don't know much about Gaming PC's other than the GPU is super important. I cant afford to spend a thousand dollars (not right not now) but any gaming PC I get I know will be way better than my 2015 macbook pro haha. I want to be able to play on at least high settings with a good FPS.

I'd ideally want to keep the whole thing (desktop and monitor) no higher than $700-$800 bucks, with room to upgrade in future.

I'f be happy just get get PS4 Pro graphics and fps from my total war games and such, but for my price range if I can make it even more powerful than I'm all in.

Soooo... Can anybody recommend any prebuilt Gaming PC's with a good GPU pref higher than 2gb, also pref 16gb RAM and that comes with an SSD drive. Small, one. Doesn't need to be huge and then another normal HD. Like a 128 or pref 256gb ssd drive.

Also like I said, I'd like to get a decent monitor (I know you can spend 700 on just a monitor haha) but seeing as I'm coming from playing total war warhammer 2 on a mac... lowest of the lowest settings, I think even a base gaming PC and monitor will be 1000x better than what I have.

So TLDR: With a budget of $700-800 (PC and monitor included, best for the money), can I have some recommendations? I do def plan on upgrading in the future a piece here, piece there, but I need a starting point that's good, fun, playable with high res and good FPS. Like I said if I could get a whole setup that could at least match my ps4 pro graphics, that'd be a great start.

Any help is really really appreciated!!

Thanks guys!!


  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,324Registered Users
    You can try to hit sales and refurb outlets.

    At the price you want, those preferences ain't happening in any kind of reasonable fashion.

    The macbook pro is indeed terrible, but what you want, and what your price range will get you, are separated by about $300.

    I'd get the $300 bucks, then spend a thousand bucks. You'll sacrifice a lot to get it a little earlier.
  • LestaTLestaT Senior Member Posts: 3,278Registered Users
    If you want to get something now then I would suggest either ryzen 5 2600 or intel i5 9400f. I think for the cpu+motherboard you can get something around 200-250 dollars.

    SSD are pretty cheap nowadays so try to find at least 500gb (240gb minumum but that is for OS and maybe one game installed).

    For graphic card, something around RX 580 which I believe below 200 usd?
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