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Balancing my first unit mod - What to avoid?

dakilla_warhammerdakilla_warhammer Registered Users Posts: 1

I just created my first unit mod and I would like to hear your opinion about the quality and have a little help with balancing them.

They are an archer and magical cav for Bretonnia:



I don't want to add straight up OP units, just some that will make Bretonnia's roster bit more varied, fun and interesting.


  • CA_DuckCA_Duck Registered Users, CA Staff Posts: 1,588
    edited May 2019
    Nice looking units and they don't look too far from balanced. Generally the easiest way to start balancing a unit is to make use of an existing unit with a similar role, which works as your benchmark, and then start diverging from it. That way you can quite easily run comparitive tests and judge how far you are from your intended balance.

    Also if you want to maintain flavour for Bretonnia, just ensure that anything that is a peasant is reasonably cheap and has less than 70 morale. For cavalry you can generally go crazy, provided that you're not offering a unit that is significantly stronger than Grail Knights or Guardians.
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  • GoumindongGoumindong Registered Users Posts: 8
    edited May 2019
    Your units seem a bit strong. They might work out due to upkeep but also might not.

    The Lost Sons are strong because they have 90 leadership and don't crumble at low leadership. This makes them exceedingly difficult to kill with anything but magical damage and still really good against magic damage too.

    As such they're strong against basically everyone and weak against basically nothing. On top of that they've no penalty in forests (ethereal) and regenerate in forests? The loose formation actually makes them stronger in this instance (lets more units get in on the attack)

    Herrimaults are definitely strong and should not be AP unless they're low trajectory only. The chivalry cost might make up for it though.

    The units look awesome though
  • Loupi_Loupi_ Registered Users Posts: 2,074
    Nice units! They would be great additions as regiments of renown, they might be a tad strong as regular units.
  • felicialeefelicialee Registered Users Posts: 6
    So good. Although not absolutely perfect, it is already very good.

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