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Chaos is unfair and pointless

llamaliciousllamalicious Registered Users Posts: 1
Chaos always spawns the same places and they always spawn quite a few of them, 4+. I'm playing a game with a friend atm to try the new DLCs. He's ofc the rat and im the new lizard. He has had the entire game to do whatever he wanted, not having any threats whatsoever. picked all his battles. turn 114 i am being invaded for the 3rd time by chaos. this time 2 invasions spawned within 16 turns. I had never imagined they would spawn 3 invasions this early in the game that all obviously spawned at my area because they always do. I keep having to pull back all my armies to deal with them, because i have been agressed on a lot so i never got to snowball as i usually do. I cant afford enough armies to keep up invading while defending.

My friend is having a blast snowballing and invading everything. Now here is my question. Why does a few factions (bot left skav&lizard + highelves and sometimes dark elves) have to deal with silly invasions like this, while other factions can just keep their snowballing going? What is the point if its only to harrass a few different factions?

I hate having to deal with them over and over. If chaos is to be in the game and be fair, they'd have to get a lot more spawns in a lot more areas. Some games they're super easy to deal with, if you had a great early game. But even then they are annoying.

TLDR: Chaos always spawns the same places and always harrasses the same few factions while spawning too frequently - punishing you for picking a faction near their spawns. Other factions can snowball however much they want. Unfair advantages

What are your thoughts?


  • Aram_theheadAram_thehead Registered Users Posts: 999
    I think it could be fixed if there was a longer invasion cooldown after defeating Chaos. Now, when both the "Servants to Chaos" and the "Puppets of Chaos" are defeated, they both spawn again the following turn or 2 turns later at most. This makes no sense, because it encourages the player to let them live if he wants to take a break. A 20 to 40 turns cooldown after defeating these factions would allow the player to move his armies to a new boarder and start a new invasion before having to deal with chaos again.

    When I was playing as Lokhir, I realized that starting in Lustria in particular has another problem: Archaon spawns on the other side of the world. You have to take a couple of armies and sail all the way to the old world and then march all the way up to Norsca in order to defeat Archaon and the other Chaos LL and thus ending the invasions once and for all.

    Some factios like the Dwarves or the Greenskins might not have Chaos problems at all during their campaigns, Chaos spawns too far away from them. I would like more chaos factions, but less powerful. This way every faction would have to deal with 3-4 armies of chaos insted of having 1 or 2 factions that have to deal with 7 armies at once.

    Right now in my Tehenhauin campaign I'm at a stalemate: 7 armies spawn at once and respawn immediately after I defeat them. I can field only 2. I'm basically farming sacrifices and praying the RNG god to give me the followers that reduce upkeep, but he gave me only 2 of them in 150 turns.

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