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Crone Hellebron "Deathsword and Cursed Blade" quest needs to see that Rite of Khaine is already on

AnsaAnsa Posts: 17Registered Users
The quest is asking to perform rite of Khaine..
At around turn 10-13.

Any sane player, well any person who actually played Dark Elves, performs the rite of Khaine as soon as they got enough slaves for it, because it is 15 turns of amazing buffs, allowing for very strong early game.
Nobody in their right mind would wait for 13 turns to perform the rite of Khaine.

So now I am stuck waiting for 9 turns for Rite of Khaine to expire, and then 40 turns cooldown for the Rite to move on with this quest.

Either fix the quest so it completes is the Rite is already running, or give it from turn 1.

Thank you.

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