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Chaos spawn faction

Axia88Axia88 Registered Users Posts: 8
Since the release of the new DLC, i encounter a tons of bug with the chaos sub factions (the ones who spawn in the ocean).

They pop but can't be seen in the diplomacy menu, they'r at war with no one, but every **** time, they declare war to the player even if he didn't even reach the top 10 factions...
They just navigate next to the top 3 factions like Lothern but didn't even attack them, even if they have like -100 affinity with them but only -10 with the player, they just rush every time the player.

Actually, it's pretty hard to play "bad guy" faction like Morathi, Arkhan, Kemmler due to the new alliance system.
Every good faction can be friend with everyone, and now they didn't even get threatened by the chaos invasion.

I think actually, on legendary difficulty, the game is just too unfair and not so fun anymore.
Just too many cheat from the AI, too many **** diplomacy. It's just boring.

I rencently lose a 103 turn game on legendary with Morathi cause the chaos spawn, do nothing during 6 turns, then suddenly, attack my position without reason.
Even if Lothern army just pass near his force with their rank 3 and -120 affinity like they'r the best friend.

I'm sorry for my bad english, it's obviously not my native tongue ^^.


  • Aram_theheadAram_thehead Registered Users Posts: 999
    Yeah I've noticed that too. The Puppets of Chaos and the Servants to Chaos spawn much earlier than they usually did. I had only 11 or 14 settlements when they spawned the first time. They used to get triggered at something like 20 settlements I think.

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