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Laboratory Settings merge with main graphic settings

hendo1592hendo1592 Registered Users Posts: 1,686
I’m someone that does not like massive battles ending under 10 min let alone 5min. Slowing down vanilla battle pace is not what I was to suggest or discuss here (plenty of threads on that already)

I have yet found a mod that makes the battles fun for me, and the times I have (over the course of the series) they end up not being updated and being worthless in 5-6 months then back in square one. In addition, it’s very difficult to find a mod that does everything a player wants-leaving the player with incompatible mods.

I’m hoping for a customizable experience. What are the odds CA moves some of the lab settings to the main graphic settings making the changes affect custom battles and campaign?

The setting id like implemented are ones that impact battle pace like: unit size increase, damage, and missile settings etc. I think this would offer players a very customizable battle experience. I saw lab settings as a way to solve the battle pace dilemma for people like me who like it slower or others who would like it faster.

I hope CA hasn’t given up on it-I have a feeling it was just a promo deal with intel. I hope I’m wrong. I hope even more someone from CA to chime in to this thread.

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