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Multiplayer campaing head to head doesn't load

WilOnilWilOnil Registered Users Posts: 3

Yesterday a friend and I tried to start a new head to head Mortal Empires campaign and it proved impossible. We tried many times, and each of them, we ran into one of the following problems:

1) When he hosted the campaing, I couldn't even join at the lobby. Either I got the message "Unable to join game", or my game would freeze in the gray screen and I had to Alt+F4

2) When I hosted the campaing, he could join and we could launch the campaign. However, when getting into a battle, we both would get stuck in the "Waiting for the other player to load" screen, and get kicked out after waiting the 5 minutes.

Some info in case it's helpful:
- Just prior to this, I had some problems (a crash) with the new launcher, but Steam did his thing and in the end I could enter the game with no issue. I don't know if this is maybe related.
- We had some mods at the beggining, but we disabled them and tried a couple of times again. No change.
- We both have very decent hardware and internet connection.


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