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Modding question (using Atilla mods)

CamelNCamelN Posts: 2Registered Users
Hey everyone,

I’ve been playing Total War since the first Rome but I’ve never tried my hand at modding.

Like roughly 100 million other people, I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones at the moment. I would really like to use the models from the seven kingdom mod (for Attila) and (attempt to) make a workable campaign map due to the grand campaigns U.K. map resembling Westeros.

I was a little surprised I hadn’t seen anyone doing this yet, as it seems perfect for the overhaul, and the unit models already exist.

My question is simple enough, would I be able to use those same models from Attila’s seven kingdom mod? Or is that not going to work for me?

I appreciate any help or advice moving forward. I’m thinking a summer project might be fun and I’ve been hoping for a campaign GoT mod for the past couple of years.

Thanks, guy!
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