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Clan Angrund - Grombrindal legendary item/quest missing after confederation

AscarelAscarel Posts: 1Registered Users
  • v1.6.0 Build
  • 10563.1644458
Remark: not using any mods

Included files (in zip):
  • save game from legendary difficulty
  • log directory
I play currently as Clan Angrund and problem occurred after confederation of dwarfs.
I will start with what worked correctly till now:
  1. Thorgrim Grudgebearer got 2 first legendary lord items equipped and I got quest for third one after leveling up
  2. Ungrim Ironfist got his first legendary lord item quest after leveling up (so I can't compare if his situation is similar to Grombrindal)
  3. Grombrindal got his second legendary lord item quest after leveling up
It seems that Grombrindal had required level for first legendary lord armor after confederation, but he did not had it equipped or in the equipment. I was hoping that quest will start automatically after some turns, but it didn't happened. Is there some condition for it to trigger coded in the game?

Reproduction steps:
  1. Confederate dwarfs when Grombindal have required level for legendary item and does not own it.
Idea to improve mechanic:
I think it could be nice if player could trigger quest chain manually (just in case) in legendary lord skill tree if he do not own specified item or quest from chain yet.

Would be nice to know if there is any solution to fixing this as I would like to continue this campaign. Thanks!


  • OtjenynOtjenyn Posts: 148Registered Users
    edited May 5
    This is an old bug, and sadly they (CA) seem to be really stubborn to fix it.

    I have made complaints about this exact same bug in earlier versions. Grombrindals character has a history of buggy quest items. Seems that he can't own/wear quest items received by the AI. Because he does not wear them when the level requirement is high enough, when the AI has done his quest battles

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