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Struggling with Creating Faction Effect

lucky_dutchlucky_dutch Registered Users Posts: 181
edited May 2019 in Community Mods
I'm trying to give the Norsca faction upkeep reduction at sea (seems odd to me that a viking-esque faction are penalized so heavily for being at sea - without being in raiding or raiding camp stance you hemorrhage money at a crazy rate).

I'm really struggling to get my head around how the effects tables work though.

Bundles_tables appears to be where it gets its description and UI from

Bundles_to_effects_junction determines what is effected by it (which army etc.) and the magnitude

Effects_tables gives it the icon

Nowhere can I find where the actual effect definition is determined. In this case, that upkeep is reduced when at sea.

Additionally, there are many hundreds of effects and the nomenclature for the them is really confusing. Does it affect the working of the effect or can I just chose my own that sounds sensible?

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