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what do you guys think of the WRE minor region conversion opening?

chiefischiefis Registered Users Posts: 1
Seen many posts about WRE openings but didn’t see any about this one. You start off abandoning all provinces except Tripolitania, convert to minor religion and start rebuilding the empire from scratch. It’s really fun to play this way under easier difficulty settings (like hard) imo.


  • lilsweetcaligulalilsweetcaligula Registered Users Posts: 285
    Oh my, I'd hate to necropost, but this forum is not particularly active anyway so maybe someone could pick up the discussion from this point in a few months or so...

    For me personally, I prefer the style of a surviving empire. If I really have to abandon something, then I need a good reason for doing so. This is similar to all the Total War games I play - the idea being "If I had to write a history book about my campaign, how believable would it read?". :)

    I heard some people more or less historically abandon Britain, but I mostly wind up being pushed out of Illyria instead. Britain is actually not particularly difficult to hold if: 1) you go on offensive 2) you get lucky.
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  • KerakKerak Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 33
    Im on year 407ish as the WRE and what i did the first 2turns was to demolish every latin church in the empire.

    It gave me tons of spare cash so i built waterworks and theaters in every province, bolsterd my 2armies in the balkans and killed of the quadians, ostrogoths and lazyges.

    In britania i have 2armies one in camouldunum with the garrison building and one in eboracum segobringa has a garrison building. Trading with all the celts.

    Garrisons along germania, spain was hardest to pacify but its almost done now and rome is pagan again.

    Roma invicta

  • pontifexmaximuspontifexmaximus Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 31
    I'm actually trying that now with the Eastern Empire on normal difficulty. Turn 1 I deleted/merged all but two armies, and sold off all my buildings. Then I didn't spend any money until the birth of Attila. At that point I'd been pushed back to the traditional Byzantine frontiers of Constantinople to Antioch and was being pounded by Persians and separatist movements but I had gotten the compound interest juggernaut up to 15k a turn and am now ready to start the great reconquest - if I can stay alive long enough to build new armies!
  • AlmugavarAlmugavar Registered Users Posts: 3
    Probably worth doing for fun but a bit of a slog if you're trying to win. Having 120k in the bank at the beginning of turn two is nice, and the building is neat, but in order to win even a Minor Victory as the WRE you need 80 regions which is likely to be a lot of slow, expensive resettling while still being at war with just about everyone.
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