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HELP!! ;(

DaveTheAspieDaveTheAspie Registered Users Posts: 7
Hi folks, basically here is my problem. I have Fall Of The Samurai as a free download from the magazine PC Gamer. But I DONT have Shogun 2. The game is divided it seems into THREE categories, rise and fall of samurai AND Shogun 2. The steam library is saying I HAVE Shogun 2 and cant purchase it. But on the game itself I am not allowed to play it. Can ANYONE help?? Please.


  • dreagondreagon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,162
    You may have to contact customer support about this. I'm just not sure who, probably Steam or Sega. It used to be possible to start Fall of the Samurai directly from the library so this problem never came up. But last year or so CA changed where Total War games are listed in the library and they probably felt like having two Shogun 2 links was redundant because you could simply launch Fall of the Samurai through the Shogun 2 menu. I think a scenario like this completely slipped their minds.
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