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BSOD / RTX 2060 / Warhammer 2

Ky7171Ky7171 Registered Users Posts: 8
Hi, I will try to join you my discussion with the support SEGA who propose to me to come here for talking about my problem
Sorry for the english probably very bad, using google translate from french :
This is a copy from mail sending to a NVIDIA admin, but I need help from here

Good morning, thank you, sir,
I am in a situation a little "desperate"
Currently my computer is coming out of a 4em "full formatting" and so a lot of these things had been set to zero given the number of changes I could make in order to have a "cleanest" computer possible,
I will list the things I have already done, your proposals are except maybe the 4th and 5th (at least at the same time)

On the software side:

-I updated the BIOS version for my motherboard, from "F2" to "F11" using a USB key by Q-flash (Gigabyte H310M H 2.0)

-I used several driver update software, (I do not count them anymore), one of which seemed accurate and trustworthy which I even bought the pro version

-I also updated "manually" all the drivers, with the sites of manufacturers each (windows finding only rarely the last adapted version)

-I did updates to windows update, but also tried to uninstall the latest updates using the "update history" tool

-I removed any software, any drivers that might not have been strictly necessary using the "add / remove program" feature, I stopped them all several times using the task manager,
including drivers that could apply "in the background" including windows drivers, there is no software that launches suspicious startup

-I have used several anti virus (avast, malwarebyte), disabled / enabled firewall, disabled / enabled anti-virus and windows defender.

-I unplugged any usb hardware that was not needed

-I have used different command prompt to repair the windows processes "flawless" / scannow "" / scannhealth "," DISM "

On the material level:

-We have changed the RAM barrettes, tested the power supply, changed the motherboard, changed the graphics card (staying on a RTX 2060)
-Tested the temperature, the different physical parameters .. Used different benchmark that they seem to turn without worries with some ready exceptions (but not all the time according to the phases of change of the PC) (there was still a BSOD at me with the benchmark "final fantasy 15")
-I turned off the various wireless printers in my apartment, after updating them

I give you the discussion link with the SEGA support responsible for the game where we have already carried out various tests
Including the various reports "dxdiag" that tended to get me out of things that were similar to printer drivers which made me really hard on the printer (go uninstall, disable, all the drivers derived, PDF creators, wireless signal reception, etc. etc. and all that could relate to it)
I also used the tools "whocrashed" and "bluescreenview" knowing that at the moment, during Windows BSOD can not load error reports (including after the last formatting, including recording in advanced system settings, full RAM image, auto restart, do not clear error reports
Sometimes the image remains frozen, the sound may continue a little
Then the sound remains blocked (sometimes 1 minute later, sometimes at the same time)
And happens a BSOD (or not, sometimes the image just got stuck in fatal error without reboot)
With a loading of the error report which at this moment remains stuck at 0%
Fortunately, the dxdiag tool still seems to be able to get out of error reports, they are linked to the forum with the support of the game (there is a newer 30en, pre-formatting dating that put bcp "pnpdriverimport error "and links that when I retransmit them on google I often come out of the printers, for that I'm so relentless on the printer
Here is the link with the support of the game that completes the information: (and diag diag reports)
(I am attaching you to the case where the latest dx diag report with just a recent BSOD post formatting just in case)

I am desperate for a solution to my problem, but also to understand
Because if there is an incompatibility between the game and the graphics card currently (which can only benefit from recent drivers as a recent graphics card and all that is from 400)
As can for example hear the community of this forum "https://www.reddit.com/r/totalwar/comments/9hhta8/heads_up_for_nvidia_card_owners/?depth=2"
It is imperative that I know, that we are considering a change of graphics card, the model (which I do not necessarily want given the price and quality of it)
t is imperative that I know, that we are considering a change of graphics card, the model (which I do not necessarily want given the price and quality of it) that the vendor of my computer store that proposed for the moment systematically the RTX 2060
And the NVIDIA brand is aware
But for that we would really like to be CERTAIN of the diagnosis
So if that was the problem it would take both the support of the game (SEGA, Warhammer 2 total war) looks at a significant compatibility update
Including NVIDIA drivers
Knowing that the problem was reproducible by physically changing the graphics card
As part of what NVIDIA needs to know and can do, it seems important to me considering the number of people this game can represent.
Benchmarks / FPS turns correctly for testing but it's really about occasional BSODs

In the links that you gave me there is something on the other hand that I did not necessarily do is the driver "display port", knowing that it is connected to HDMI
Is it then an interest to put an "adapter" display port (which will arrive on the screen in HDMI) and install this driver then?
Since I can see that it can be electric power problems or a lot of information in the cable (or something like that)

I'm doing tests with high electrical / graphical performance and I'll let you know

And I thank you for the seriousness and the work triggered around my problem praying for it to stop :-)


Thanks a lot for the help you can offer to me

Dr. Q.Ohlmann

(PS with Warhammer I try to use direct X 11 and direct X 12, with FPS problem in direct X 12 maybe)
I dont use any mods


  • tww2rankstww2ranks Registered Users Posts: 301
    edited May 2019
    just dont buy RTX video card.... ;)

    1070/1080/1080TI it ok. no crashes no fps problem
    full graphics
    DirectX 11

    P.S. CA will not change their Game Engine
  • tww2rankstww2ranks Registered Users Posts: 301
    1070/1080/1080TI it ok. no crashes no fps problem
    full on 1440p
  • Ky7171Ky7171 Registered Users Posts: 8
    edited May 2019
    So RTX 2060 isnt good
    But RTX 2080 for exemple i Will have no problem ?
  • Ky7171Ky7171 Registered Users Posts: 8
    Ah non,
    Titan 1070/1080/1090TI that's it ?
  • Ky7171Ky7171 Registered Users Posts: 8
    So there is a problem :
    All sellers tell me they dont sold AMD or other type of graph-card actually
    RTX is really more powerfull than the 1070/1080 etc

    I dont understand the necessity of create a game with a lot of beautifful graphism which oblige to take old graphic card .. Very powerless ..

    Sellers told me the ony sold RTX actually, the other cards arent disponible in stock (in France)

    So if warhammer don't create FAST a PATCH for ADAPT the game to the best graphic cards, they will have several problemes ..

    It's need just a good patch from nvidia and the problem is done ..

    All my friend have RTX, so if I use your text "dont buy warhammer, buy a real game just"
    Because RTX, the best and last graphic card, have the best perf and stability in ALL OTHER GAMES

    Please, there is a problem which need to take in consideration ...
  • Ky7171Ky7171 Registered Users Posts: 8
    Will you listen to me and try to work on this parch ?
    Or refer to superior about this probleme ?
    Which could be a big commercial problem
  • swagalinaswagalina Registered Users Posts: 4
    i have the same problem with the audio skip and BSOD in wh2 battles. I however have a GTX 1070 Ti. I rarely notice similar crashes while playing other games. I think that warhammer 2 has faulty GPU driver code, as many issues seem to be related to playing the game and these drivers crash.

    for me, bluescreenview displays "Caused By Driver: hal.dll" and I'm not sure what to make of that, DISM restorehealth did not replace the file with a new one, so my next assumption is that TWW2 conflicts with this file on my machine.
  • Ky7171Ky7171 Registered Users Posts: 8
    So for you, you are lucky, the solution is simple and known :
    You need to go to a pilot < 400, and you will not have this BSOD because you have GTX 1070
    RTX have pilote which begin after 400
    Enjoy the game

    Apres toutes mes recherches ma solution est la suivante : Il y a une interaction entre les patchs > 400 de Nvidia et le jeu (situation reproduite à plusieurs reprises et avec plusieurs cartes)
    Les plus puissantes étant prisionnières de pilotes trop récents ..
    Si quelqu'un connaissait un autre pilote pour RTX, chinois ou quelque chose comme ça ..
  • Ky7171Ky7171 Registered Users Posts: 8
    Please somewone .. help us .. Patch the game or the driver .. I'm sure is not so long ..
    Or disable the option which made problems
  • Ky7171Ky7171 Registered Users Posts: 8
    edited June 2019
    Une relance,
    Un pilote spécial qui évite les BSOD pour les RTX svp
    Pour 200 euros de jeu et 400 euros de CG je pense que l'on "devrait" s'attendre à cette qualité ...

    English on the forum please(Anglais sur le forum s'il vous plaît ). Google translation:
    A raise, A special driver who avoids the BSOD for RTX please For 200 euros of game and 400 euros of CG I think that one "should" expect this quality ...
    Post edited by dge1 on
  • Matt0686Matt0686 Registered Users Posts: 3

    If only it touched only the RTX ...

    I am unfortunately entitled to the same BSOD with the same problem of sound as described above with my "old" GTX 980ti oc.

    If to be able to continue using paid games (in full version you still get more than 170 euros, excuse the little ...) 2 years before, you have to change the graphics card as and when the "optimizations" contained in the update of the game, I'm afraid that the series Total War quickly collapses ...

    We talked about the quality of support ???

    Because apart from balancing an action list (already available in the troubleshooting database ...), I'd just like to know if I'll be able to use (which I liked at the base ... ) before 2020 and the release of 3 if possible please ...

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