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Revive Factions (And interactive puzzles?)

HaiphongHaiphong Posts: 12Registered Users
Just wanted to drop my thoughts and I think a lot of folks have probably felt this way at times too.

I think it would be really great if there were a method to revive factions in TW: Warhammer II after they've been destroyed. Technically there is already a way, if you can cause a rebellion and that rebellion destroys the city that spawns it. It's kind of unrealistic to pull off though. Given that it's already a possibility in the game, maybe some options for the player to help it along could be implimented.
I'm never able to go and "rescue" further away factions in time, it seems that whatever ones I like always roll a 1 on the AI table and get stuck with the Admiral Holdo setting. Er, that is to say... They just get everyone killed.

Secondly, that Ruins Puzzle of the Old Ones where you have to match these 3 circles to trace the lines. I don't think most humans have the mental processing power to solve that without taking a screenshot and messing with it in MS Paint which is really annoying to do. It's just not something you can do in your head like you can the other two. Could you allow the player to interact with the puzzle and move the pieces around? Just that one is all I ask.

Thanks so much if anyone gets around to reading this! I love this game so much.

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