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Please add a give region feature.

LostbladderLostbladder Posts: 2Registered Users
I am very disappointed at the lack of this feature in Rome II. Add it as $10 DLC for gods sake and I’ll buy it. You’ve reworked the entire political system free of charge to the consumer, so don’t go telling me you’ve given up on the game as a reason not to add it.

Let me start by stating the observation that the game already appears to be supporting of such a feature to some extent given diplomats sent to other lands can sometimes return with news that land has been gifted to you.

The entire client state and military alliance feature could be made marginally better with the ability to trade states. My ally or satrapy AI wants a full province and I want a full province, so let’s bloody trade! I hate going to war and having to entirely destroy my ally or client states for irrational minor border disputes. Sometimes, my client state decides to go to war and gets a province taken from them. My options to return this land to them are as follows; wait for them to do it themselves and... well, that’s pretty much it. I can’t go down and do it for them because I only have the option to take it myself.

Hoi4 has this great feature at the end of a war called a piece conference. Total War does not have this feature and to the best of my knowledge never has. Trading land under the circumstances of peace in both single player and perhaps more importantly multiplayer has always been a decent solution for the same problems solved by a piece conference. Rome II doesn’t allow this. An entire aspect of the game has been neglected.

Your options are either (pun intended) total war or nothing in terms of diplomacy regarding territory. Given the games precursor title, this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, that is unless the feature had not already existed for the majority of games before and after Rome II, including Rome I.

I get that the AI isn’t perfect and may be willing to exchange all of their land for gold. I just don’t care. This seems like something that can be remedied fairly easily. The less land a nation has, the more money they want for land. If the point comes where you can afford a few hundred thousand for one of the two cities the AI owns, so freaking be it. With that much money laying around, odds are you could have done it much cheaper through aggression. If that isn’t possible, then hell, just make it so you can give land away and are unable to buy it. Problem solved.

The historical accuracy of such a feature has been brought up without fail on all related posts, but I think it’s safe to say that yes it is historically accurate. The transfer of land has always been something that occurred through intimidation, trade, war, and diplomacy. Julius Caesar giving Cleopatra ruled Egypt some land back to the east during the revolution is a prime example of such a situation and a period accurate one at that.

Is providing a region trading option perfect for gameplay? No, I’m sure there are downsides that escape me. That being said, seeing how it worked in previous titles and all the problems it would be a solution for in this title, I believe it to be a necessary addition.

I wanted to post this in suggestions or something of the likes, but couldn't find such a place in my all of 10 minutes of stumbling around google searches. This was the closest I could find. Hopefully it reaches its intended eyes. Thank you for your time.


  • CogreCogre Senior Member Posts: 2,132Registered Users
    I have been asking for this feature since I started playing rome2 .

    It would help strengthen allies and client states. Make em more viable and all that
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  • LambChopsLambChops Junior Member Posts: 29Registered Users
    Agreed, I miss this feature.
  • Avarice1987Avarice1987 Posts: 27Registered Users
    Yeah, I miss that, too. One could, for example, use buffer states. But somehow the feature is in there, isn't it?
  • armored_valiantarmored_valiant Member Posts: 109Registered Users
    Warhammer 2 has it modded in but not Rome 2 yet. ?
  • LostbladderLostbladder Posts: 2Registered Users

    Warhammer 2 has it modded in but not Rome 2 yet. ?

    It’s not unfortunately. Many have asked for a mod, but nothing was made.
  • Avarice1987Avarice1987 Posts: 27Registered Users
    Wait and see, the updates for Roime 2 and Attila clearly show that they are kept up-to-date with the Modlauncher. Not only compatibility can be the reason. Maybe there will be something else.
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