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Better starting positions more closer to the lore for mortal empires campaign + some good ideas

MORTUSMORTUS Registered Users Posts: 84
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Hello all, all of these suggestions will be based on the lore of WARHAMMER i hope that they will get to the ears of developers and will help the game to become even better.

To begin with all Beastmen and Greenskins starting positions which are wrong according to the lore.

Khazrak the One-Eye must swapping sides with Morghur the Shadowgave Khazrak must start in Nordland in war with his old enemy Boris Todbringer, Morghur the Shadowgave must start in Forest of Arden near Artois and Malagor the Dark Omen must start in Great Forest near (mourkain probably). Also the Beastmen will need a lot of changes not only in campaign. For beginning will be nice Beastmen to have better raid stance like that of Norsca which to decrease the upkeep of the units during the raid and also to be added available march stance to them.

The starting position of Azhag the Slaughterer must be in Troll Country as a horde with main goal and quests in the south. The starting position of Grimgor Ironhide must be in Peak Pass near Karak Kadrin in Gnashrak's lair. The starting position of Wurrzag Da Great Green Prophet must be in Southlands near (the cursed jungle probably) as a horde with main goal and quests in the north to unite all the Greenskins. As a whole Greenskins must be with more horde oriented play style that fits more to the lore. The starting position of Skarsnik must be more closer to Karak Eight Peaks somewhere in Badlands.

Belegar Ironhammer and Queek Headtaker also must be more closer to Karak Eight Peaks. In the lore Karak Eight Peaks are the biggest under city of all cities with many levels in him it is better Karak Eight Peaks to become a separate province city with eight levels(settlements stitched together which can be reached only by entering in the upper one from the surface or reached by the next one settlement stitched to the settlement occupied by you). Some of the levels can be ruins some occupied by greenskins some of dwarfs or skavens. In these 3 campaigns the main goal are to have all levels of Karak Eight Peaks which will provide you the bonuses and will remove the negatives, let the battle for Karak Eight Peaks begin.

Troll Country needs a lot of changes first of all Throgg King of the Trolls must start in the northern part of the Troll Country near the mountains with his lair of the Troll King, a little more snowy looking land and to be added one norscan settlement on the coast. Also all kislevite settlements need to be moved a little bit in south.

Heinrich Kemmler starting position must be in the Vaults in the place of the starting position of Belegar Ironhammer, at least in the lore he aweakens KRELL there and make a pact with the chaos gods to retake his power again.

If in the future Araby is added Arkhan the Black may start from his tower near the black pyramid of Nagash. And Tiktaq'to may start in Macu Peaks near Hexoatl and with alliance with Lord Mazdamundi and in war with Blue Viper Savage Orcs.

Also i think that the Cylostra Direfin will fit more somewhere much more in north in the Clawed coast maybe, with starting position in the twisted glade.

    P.S.If i missed something feel free to tell me, the post will be edited periodically when better ideas which fits the lore are suggested.
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  • froloffrolof Registered Users Posts: 367
    Jesus, do you ever divide your paragraphs? It's a big block of text here and I have to read it! Gaah!

    Jokes aside, I will voice my opinions:

    Beastmen, I personally don't mind that Malagor is at mourkain. However, swapping sides with Khazrak and Malagor makes perfect sense to me.

    Azhag, I don't know about that one. Seems really weird. Maybe put him over closer to bretonnia? Maybe not at Massif Orcal, but close. As for Grimgor, I think he's well suited at black crag for gameplay reasons, to challenge the Dwarfs and to give them a means to remain in struggle. As for making greenskins into Vampire Coast.. please no. It was a terrible idea and poorly designed. Vampire Coast is stupidly strong in campaign, and given the fact that Greenskins has the animosity bonus CA game then that ramped their campaign efficiency to crazy hights.. yeah. Something else needs to be done with the Greenskins. Please, not Vampire Coast hoard and empire mode. It is really naughty to play as them as it is.

    As for Belegar, Queek and Skarsnik, no no no. The game would not allow such. It would play out really weird. I dig that there's an important objective that will rid a factionwide debuff that works against you. Gives a new importance to your playstyle to campaign to your objective, which is Karak Eight Peaks. However, I wish that the AI acted the same according to that. But levels? No, I sincerely doubt it would work well. If all 3 started there, it would just be a **** and the winner would be determined at like turn 3 at max.

    Ok, too be honest, your post is so tight and hard to read that I will stop there. You definently have an opinion, but it must be realistic to the game.
  • froloffrolof Registered Users Posts: 367
    Something that I would want, is for the Beastmen to be divided into 3 different factions, not the same faction but placed differently. So you could encouter Malagor or Moghur in the campaign if you play Khazrak.

    Another thing is that if you beat a Beastmen horde, you can confederate with them for free. That could help you get Malagor, Khazrak and Morghur in conquest, rather than specific buildings, which should be dated for a Horde faction at this point.
  • LennoxPoodleLennoxPoodle Registered Users Posts: 474
    Well, you make pretty much zero compromise towards gameplay. I agree that some characters could or should be moved, but some of your ideas are pretty crazy and sometimes don't even fit the lore. Let's take Kemmler for example, it's correct that he started real business after encountering Krells tomb in the Vault. That was however some time before the estimated timeframe of the games start around Franzes coronation. I think that puts Kemmler either shortly before or after the attack on La Maisontal, so the grey mountains are proper. I'm not sure if he needs a starting settlement though. Raising the dead les the vamps horde a bit after all.

    Regarding the greenskins, you seem to want to move them all way from the badlands. That's not a good idea, leaving them very empty, in contrast to the area around Kislev you seemingly want to overcrowd. (Okay it's very empty right now). Sure non of the current great GS lords belong there, but it's the most populated region for the race as a whole. So some compromises should be made. I agree on moving Azhag up north though (and maybe even Throgg more towards Kislev), but not on making him a horde.

    Karak Eight Peaks is an interesting matter. I too don't think it's handled properly, but your idea seems impractical. Blocking off certain regions by others and moving all 3 rivals will result in a very short conflict as @frolof pointed out. Having all three rivals there is an interesting prospect, but then we need something so they can't get at each others throat immediately and have to branch out in the surrounding regions, continuously fighting. I have no idea what that should be. Also we already have Skaven occupied lower levels, they are called undercities. Maybe making Eight Peaks a province (3 of the peaks being settlements for example, they form a ring after all) is a first step into the right direction.

    Can only agree on the Beastmen, also with @frolof s further suggestions.
  • MORTUSMORTUS Registered Users Posts: 84
    Thanks frolof and LennoxPoodle your opinions helping me to improve the post now he is changed a little bit thanks to your opinions and will be changed again with more opinions which are good as yours or better.

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