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Variant Editor Issues

SierraNevadaSierraNevada Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey all.

I've messed around in the variant editor several times in the past (empire divided and rise of the republic) and had a lot of fun with it, no issues whatsoever.

I've returned to the variant editor following a wave of nostalgia for historical total war and I jumped into the variant editor to make a roster expansion and I'm greeted with this:

This is a common issue with multiple variants. I don't know why I've run into this issue, but it seems like a lot of different models are missing their textures, but they don't appear to be missing in-game. Furthermore, when trying to load a uniform, I can't select a faction and then a land unit - the drop down menu for the units is blank and unselectable. Any reason why this may be?

I've switched to Directx9 to limit the new weird lighting issues in the editor by the way - I was hoping it would resolve the texture issue, but it didn't.

Any help would be appreciated!! :)
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