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Guess Who (25) - Answered

Warlord_Lu_BuWarlord_Lu_Bu Registered Users Posts: 2,312
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8 days till we get to play!

So let us keep the ball rolling, until the beginning of our adventure in the Three Kingdoms!

This man is a Fictional character... a petty man and a rebel, who met his end, for the same reason That Guy on ES Skyrim did, in the Introduction scene.

Who am I talking about?

Answered by Sammystorm:

Pei Yuanshao, the Yellow Turban, who idiotically attempted to steal Zhao Yun's horse... I mean really.... Zhao Yun? of all the people to steal from.... you might as well jump into a tiger's mouth and try to steal one of his teeth.
"I am the punishment of Tengri, if you had not sinned, he would not have sent me against you." - Chenghis Khan Temujin
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