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When i do FAN IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS is to be a conglomeration of ideas were devs can see all ideas on one discussion. so rejoice tell your friend and post your LINKS from other discussions regarding the Empire etc. the bigger this is the bigger the chance you will be heard. also DEVS this is not criticizing we are trying to help out. so far i have made one for the Empire some pretty interesting ideas from you guys were posted there, please feel free to comment there and here.


Whit that being said please keep in mind some rules i will establish here to help them help us example:

WHAT NOT TO DO: " We Should have ALL Elector Counts available for play each their own faction whit their own unique features like Nurn Should have the Dwarven forge mechanics etc and Boris should have the cult of Ulric etc, and all of them need to have unique units like the long gunners etc"

Ok, this is not realistic considering that when the Empire gets updated it will be a FLC and times is money in the devs world they can't do all for as FLC

WHAT TO DO: "Devs i think if we added a mechanics similar to Vampire count blood like but where you get a Elector count as a Lord should work, also i think we should update Offices to enable offices for Heroes, and we would like some new units Huntsmen,Reiksfoot maybe the missing school of magic, and have a new starting location for a Empire lord."

Ok, now this is realistic this is what we are looking for cheap way to make mechanics and make Empire feel better also the new units would be simple one to do, Reikfoot could be juts Reiksguard but on foot. offices are a overhaul of something already existing. also we are asking for a new position not a whole another faction.


To me out of all the races on WH1 and WH2 Greenskins had the biggest chance to being unique and different because of their lore, which makes some pretty unique they have 2 features that make them wholly unique and very different here they are.

FUNGUS BIOLOGY-going to summarize as best as i can, so you know were my ideas come from.

According to lore some think that the color of the GS is and algae,and that the Greenskins were mistakenly introduced by the OId Ones(unknown creators of the warhammer universe). Squigs,Snotlings,Goblins and Orks are cousins of the same species.

The GS are a very unique race almost alien like they have no sex(later editions) and a Wagh is a walking ecosystem each Greenskins produces spores and the spores go into the ground creating a mushroom underneath there is a GS growing when the Greenskins is fully mature they emerge from the ground, if this is the first time there even a chain to it first Squigs, then the Snotling who cultivate the Squigs and fungus, then Goblins build the settlement and then the Orks who provide protection.

Goblins are workers,farmers they harvest fungus and Squigs also providing structures and machines(albeit badly constructed) Orks provide the protection and leaderships on most society's to the greenskins, each need the other.

This is why the GS are the 2nd most numerous race in the WH world.


Well, various ways for one the tech tree of the GS is sad, i know they are not sophisticated but they have their own sophistication if you look at it from their unique features so here how i would implement this.

FUNGAL CORRUPTION- To me the Skaven corruption makes no sense at all, fungal corruption makes a lot more sense and it would fit them perfectly whit their lore, so the higher the corruption the higher the grow when the grow reaches a 100% cost for Greenskins units (non mounted) would be cheaper. and corruption would spread slowly to surround areas AFTER reaching a 100% if the settlement its not yours it would spawn rebellions in the form slowly armies such as Goblins, Ork Boys and unmounted Squigs.

GS FUNGAL ARMY- When a GS takes over a settlement and loses that settlement it spores linger causing GS to pop over(this happens off-screen) decreasing population happiness for a few turns more than usual. if the population order its not quelled during those turns a small balanced half stack (12) cheap army of Gobbos, Squigs and Orks sprouts. this not a conquering army but representing the annoyingness of the GS even after they are gone.

TECHS-Technologies regarding corruption could include faster corruption, better rebellion armies, faster settlement grow, higher lingering penalty's for settlements, there shouldn't be a structure for this since they use their spores aniway.

SIDE NOTE-The Physiology of the Greenskins especially Orks is interesting because the older the Ork and the more they win battles the more adrenaline's and hormones the bigger and stronger they get, as such the older they get the stronger they get they don't die of old age but grow stronger this is not represented on the game, and Ork Bosses are not very good right now WH2 LLs whoop their asses. they could add a automatic path on their skill tree, were the higher the level the get a boost on all stats every 14 levels.

Goblins do it too, but since Ork bully them a lot they stunt their grow, i read somewhere that some goblins who aren't bullied grow to the size of Orks and become bosses.

TEEFS- This to me after fungus is veryyy important the Greenskins have their own economy they grow teethes like sharks, so they fall, they use this teef's for trading on ork society also the bigger the teef the higher the value. this teefs after while decompose so there is no over inflation.

a- TEEF TRICKLE- GS economy sucks they cant trade neither that why Dwarfs in later game stomp's them, GS are supposed to be the hardest to rid species of Warhammer, as such whit the Teef lore we can say that each army produces a small amount of Teef and whit each death after battle you get some Teef trickle too, if you go to what to another GS tribe and defeat their army you get also a bonus of Teef. the GS are a walking ecosystem let treat it as such the GS Warmachines would generate money by having more armies which fits more their style. Gold is also use they call it shiny stuff, so the Teef and Gold i would merge them into 2 since they form part of the economy but their cities should use Teef as the main currency.

As such they would be a walking economy. we know they get a lot whit raze and raid but for a faction to last the long game it needs to have territory. AI GS don't raid or raze as well as a Human player. so a Teef trickle would help them.

TECH-We can implement various tech whit this too Snotling Teef scavengers- they go while in battle collecting teefs from death bodies, higher teef trickle in the form of GS being more rowdy and fighting among themselves.

GS SUMMIT TRIBE- So this is the Norsca mechanic applied to GS, i believe that when you beat a boss you should acquire the whole tribe it makes sense, but they also should have the confederate option unlike Norsca.


Before i start this i cant empathize enough the cost of developing a unit is pretty high lot of people who don't know think its easy, yes reskinning and adding another weapon is easy for the making a unit from scratch its a time consuming process of drawing it out and what it will do, making the model (lots of steps here), voice acting ,animating the movements, balancing the units testing it out this process has about 2 dozen people working on it and each person its being paid... etc that why you saw on Skaven DLC that only 3 NEW models were added while Lizardmen had mostly variants, Salamander was a unique model from the ground up, and i cant imagine the work it went thought somebody had to study the actual movement of lizards...Kudos to the person who did it.

I know they are missing a wholeeee lot of units but honestly i don't mind some of them are variants and anybody who read by post i HATE unshielded variants and most useless variants in general. they fit into TT but makes no sense on campaign were the battle is continuous unlike on TT were its only one battle.here my discussion about it.


So if we see the GS army list they are the kings of variants. but if you see closely most Greenskin unit type have various variants divided into Savage,Boys,Black orcs, Riders, they did this so in TT you would create your own army based on the Greenskins sub faction so we cant add them all...impossible. each have stupid ass variants like hand weapon... why the hell would i want a variant whit a hand weapon only...

So we need to think clearly what units fit into the general army list whit out diverging to much from it subtypes and making sure its unique and easy to do animation wise since GS is a FLC update.

Ok whit that in mind..

1-Goblin Spear Chuka is a MUST because of two factors, one GS have no air power so nothing to fight air troops Spear Chuka would be a must against these aerial threats. also the biggest problem whit GS is the overabundance of monsters so the Spear Chuka must be Anti large.

2-River Troll could have poison, aquatic and their vomit attack being anti-armour. this to me are the most likely candidate if they choose i see them as being anti large. the vomit can be implemented two way's like a one off vomit ability or use their vomit on the battle animations they can use the vomit from Throgg, problem is that they look unique they look like Merman/trolls.. if that makes sense..

3-Black Orc Big Boss-We don't have a strong attack type melee hero i think this would fit the bill, to make him different he could double weapons and be anti large.

4- Black Ork melee/Shield- this would be the tanky frotnline, and the black ork we have would have to be tweaked to be better chargers than damage dealers.

5-Wyvern- I think a Wyvern as a unit its a must too, needs to be anti large no breath attack they don't have any as such it should have better attack. Inronclaw used them to kill the emperor.

Mount options- well i think the Goblins need the Arachnarok Spider as a mount.all WH2 races have monster mounts.

UNIT TWEAKS- I think all spider riders on melee should have Anti-Large bonuses, spider against a horse? of course the spider will eat the damn horse.


That's all for me i would love to see Greenskins somewhere else like Lustria or Southlands on WH2. i am pretty sure that they will move Arzagh to the northern mountains on the right size were Kislev is Evil Eye tribe?

As for LL i think from reading the only, one who fits into the timeline is Grom The Paunch...ironclaw its not know if he dead or alive and when he appeared it was before Kral Franz i prefert Ironklaw over grom, he seem to have adn affinity for Wyverns and use them whit out riders.


I spoke about this in another forum. i think they need to stop copying and pasting mechanics from other factions into other ones. i think some mechanics need to be Race specific so that it can't be copied to another ones. offices we have Empire,WE and Vampire Counts. Horde armies are Greenskins and Beastmen except for certain circumstances were it fits like the Tomb King creating equipment fit also whit the Dwarfs. or the Norca Confederation system for Greenskins

Example: Lizardmen Geomantic webs that is a lizard-men specific no other race should have it. as such Empire, Greenskins (Fungal,Teef) should have new unique feature that cant be copied to the other ones.

Those are my ideas please post yours. were would you like GS new starting positions.

(I wrote this in a week piece by piece when i had free time.)

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