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How do i add a existing units from 1 Faction to another factions unit roster

Rune1993Rune1993 Registered Users Posts: 8
Hi how do i make other units playable to the vampire count and Luthor Harkon from the vampire coast dlc are there any vids that can help thanks i found a help page that showed how to get some of the unit stuff up on pack file manager but thats it and it went on to show how to change a name but not what i want.

i want to make the units below recrutible by 2 other factions if any can help thanks i put a request on here before i got help by someone on either here or steam descution cant remember witch one who in the end made the mod for me and sent me the mod files to download or a link to the place to download it as it was just a personal mod not a published one more info below.

Basicaly i had this mod witch someone did for me as my aspergurs syndrome makes it hard to understand the modding stuff witch i have tryed to do myself i just cant get a hang of it the mod so he kindly offerd to do it for me as it wasent to many units i wanted he added 4 units from others factions to the vampire counts roster only for me.

the units he added are the

1st - gorebull a hero witch he made the hero so i can recruit like a normal unit instead of as a hero and took off the limit of how many i can recruit also made it so i could recruit it stait away early on.

2nd - the Minotaurs

3rd - the hydra had no recruitment limit so i can recruit as much as i wanted.

And there was supposed to be the treeman from the wood elfs but there was a mixup and another unit was put in from the wood elf dlc instead witch was fine as it was good anyway.

anyway it wasent a published mod as was only for my personal use now it wont work with the vampire coast dlc when activated it stops there factions showing in the campagne faction select menue so i need to remake the unit mod so it works with the dlc and on one of there factions.

but as said above i just no matter how i try am not good at it i just dont get it all how to do it though i do give it a try i just cant find the info and when i do find something i dont understand it most of the time.

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