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Invocation of Nehek and Earth Blood Suggestion for better balance.

RoksoRokso Posts: 3Registered Users
If the 4 unit cap is really needed for multiplayer balance at the expense of single-player campaign; I have a suggestion to allow both parties to reach a middle-ground. Invocation of Nehek's unlimited unit healing is part of the Vampire factions' SP balance and limiting it to 4 hurts how they play.

How about when these two spell are maxed (2 points) on the lord / heroes skill tree the unit cap of 4 is lifted and returned to unlimited.

This would stop these spells from being overpowered in the very early turns of campaign and allow it to still be capped in multiplayer.

The constant nerfs to units and abilities because of multiplayer balance is dragging down the fun in single-player campaign.
-Stop nerfing the Dark Elf Cold-One knights they are already next to useless in SP, but apparently too strong in MP. Just increase their multiplayer unit cost if they are so strong that is what it's for. Give them more HP(1000+) they have some of the lowest stats of all high tier cavalry and just die in legendary.
-Also undo the nerfs to the Ancient Salamander, they were fine as they were, or give them technology to allow them to be better again.


  • GrandChamp89GrandChamp89 Senior Member Posts: 1,532Registered Users
    "The constant nerfs to units and abilities because of multiplayer balance is dragging down the fun in single-player campaign."

    I agree, they're too one dimensional in their balance. "Nerf nerf nerf" without giving the factions other tools to compensate.

    As for the thread, the healing spells got hit HARD. Especially Nehek.
    With this they need to implement smart healing. If I'm rushing the walls in a city attack and pop a heal (and only got 4 targets available) I clearly don't want it to heal my zombies over my graveguards. There needs to be a system in place so it isn't random.
    "It's the hottest fire that forge the strongest steel"

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