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@CA: Please revert some of the nerfs to the Ancient Salamander

NielspeterdejongNielspeterdejong Posts: 293Registered Users
The Ancient Salamander was powerful, but he was one of the good competitive units that the Lizardmen were lacking.

I understand that her range was nerfed, but could you please revert the nerf to Sally her damage? She already lost both her necessary ranged advantage against archers, as well as the slow. So if you keep her as she is now she will never be picked in competitive play again.

The +2 ammo isn't worth it. Please remove that, and restore her to her previous health.


  • WojmirVonCarsteinWojmirVonCarstein Posts: 726Registered Users
    I have to strongly disagree.

    the AS is a good unit now. It was very OP before.

    It is a situational unit that can be awesome against some targets (like elite infantry) but not very good against others.

  • Lord_DistamorfinLord_Distamorfin Posts: 465Registered Users
    I'm of the opinion that the range was the last thing that should have been nerfed. The Ancient Salamander was a hybrid short-ranged artillery/melee unit. It had the shortest range of any artillery in the game, but was still able to out-range all but the best missile units in the game. The average artillery unit has a range of at least 300, the Ancient Salamander had 185. To make up for this short range (for artillery) it was fast, fairly tanky, and decent in melee.

    After the nerf, it's current range of 160 allows most missile units to turn it into a pincushion (it trades at even range with empire crossbows). It's health nerf means that it can't survive sustained archer fire and its poor maneuverability prevents it from dodging incoming fire easily, making its speed less valuable. It went from being a short-range artillery unit that could handle itself decently in melee to a big, squishy, fire-shooting target that can't handle itself in melee very well.

    If anything, it could have done with slightly reduced speed so it could be more vulnerable to heavy cavalry, but that's all I would do to it. CA should, at the very least, give it back its original range.

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