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Nerf to Skaven Under-Empire too strong.

eomateomat Junior MemberPosts: 575Registered Users
edited May 22 in Feedback & Suggestions
It needs to be dialled back a bit. Definitely mustn’t be OP but it needs to be a threat. Makes them very unique to play. Trying to play with a single settlement (Skavenblight) and under cities is too hard post Amethyst patch.


  • TayvarTayvar Posts: 9,846Registered Users
    Didn't the Under-Empire already got nerfed to the ground? Lore-Wise the Under-Empire is supposed to be a Big Threat, but now it's not, there is a reason why the Empire's officials publicly deny the Skaven's existence, because knowing about the Under-Empire would cause a Mass Hysteria.

    4 Fully Independent Monogods Armies would be great for a Storyline about the Great Game in Total War: Warhammer 3.
  • Godefroy_de_BouillonGodefroy_de_Bouillon Posts: 1,658Registered Users
    edited May 23
    it was broken t realase you could not find that doomsphere if you had not like 12 heroes and a building. It was bS.

    it can be like +120-140 but not +80

    when youc an get -100+ on concealment buildings.
  • eomateomat Junior Member Posts: 575Registered Users
    What I mean is it came out at 100% OP. They made it now 25%. They need to up it to 40-45%

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