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Cao cao draw bug

Kalebv1Kalebv1 Registered Users Posts: 1
Playing ranked this has happened twice on day one, it is absolutley game breaking for ranked play, you can simply select cao cao and run through the forest untill time expires and get a draw, no matter how many units the enemy has 100v1= draw, 300v1= draw, or in my most recent case in a 2v2 match 900v1 =a damn draw!. Oh but cant you just catch him with cav or cut him off??, NO you cant, he is unbreakable, plus has 30% constant speed and no penalty when moving through the forest. If you have cao cao on your team you can simply decide to run away and get a draw instead of a loss no matter how many troops the enemy has to run you down with. This is a game breaking bug/design in multiplayer and needs to be fixed.
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