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Multiplayer needs attention

MorSMorS Junior MemberRussiaPosts: 28Registered Users
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Of course, the release of Three Kingdoms was great.
Of course, Creative Assembly created a truly wonderful campaign.
Of course, this is just first day, patches and fixes will come soon.

Of course, but ...... but multiplayer?

There were some nervous feelings before release. Why? As always, because of list of steam achievements. There were few of multiplayer achievements in that list. Premonitions were justified, in the game there really isn't much attention paid to multiplayer.

1. First and general. In custom battle all generals have medium 5 lvl without a single opportunity to change skills and equipment. This is strange, because all 3K system favors customization and tuning of the generals. Records mode is like soup without salt, because generals (with classic TW bodyguards) have no even inspiration abilities. So people will choose Romance mode, but there’s also no customization.
What about brilliant idea of avatar from Shogun2? Three Kingdoms has enough similarities for this mode to be implemented here too. One nation, closed map region, retinue, improvement of general's skills, weapons, armor, horses, accessories, followers. All of this is great for avatar mode, and even for Avatar conquest. Just emagine, f.e. three months long season when tens of thousands of players are fighting for a map of China, as it was in Japan; form their kingdoms and empires, fight for resources and bonuses, create lively diplomacy, and, of course, buy every fresh dlcs for 3K.

2. What with lobby? In game, which has audience records in first day, we saw 0-3 hosts in lobby. It's hard to believe that no one in thousands of audience tried multiplayer.

3.Balance? in Romance mode we can meet such wonderful generals as SIMA YI, who has silence effect to all map, and opponent's generals have to die before can use their abilities.

Or legendary ZHANG FEI, who can force generals and units to run away with full health.

Or another mister SUN CE, who can reduce morale by -50 until the end of the battle.

4. Another question is about team battles. First of all it's impossible to see nickname of player, when click to enemy unit (in replays there are no nicknames of players too). Secondly it's impossible to see frags statistics of teammates after battle. Screen of results shows the composition and statistics of only one player from each side, without the possibility of switching.

With great respect to Creative Assembly, with complete faith and hope for subsequent patches and dlc, i want a good future for this game not only in first weeks.
And i post it there, because this's the right place, where right people make right decisions.


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  • HugothesterHugothester Senior Member Posts: 566Registered Users
    I agree with your opinions, and also I'd like to add that empty multiplayer lobby is due to a bug, not because people are not playing
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  • -TWI- Samuel-TWI- Samuel Posts: 77Registered Users
    Oooh ... I thought I was the only one who thought so.
    You're right in everything .... the way it was designed just to make us a sop .... the last 5 minutes before launching ..... more see the battles classified in warhammer mode, on a historical title , it is quite disappointing
  • MorSMorS Junior Member RussiaPosts: 28Registered Users

    I agree with your opinions, and also I'd like to add that empty multiplayer lobby is due to a bug, not because people are not playing

    I really appreciate your support!

  • JackEllis360JackEllis360 Posts: 8Registered Users
    edited May 2019
    Multiplayer need chat in game BTW. :'(
  • keyhhakeyhha Junior Member Posts: 10Registered Users
    Hello there!

    Of course I agree with Mors. CA pls do something for multiplayer... :neutral:
  • MorSMorS Junior Member RussiaPosts: 28Registered Users
    Ranked battles sometimes bug. "Match found" and nothing happens. Рave to close Three Kingdoms from the task manager.

  • BubnilkaBubnilka Posts: 1Registered Users
    I agree with the author of a post. A multiplayer - an important component of all TW. Now MP in a sad state.
  • Drago08Drago08 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Why CA every time kidding with multiplayer?
    All of this is true!
    Balance must be already ok!
    Neither after month, nor after year.
    Right now!
    People should get a ready-made quality game, not a raw product!
  • DragRevenchDragRevench Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users
    +1 with Mors opinion.

    I have found even more terrible thing with generals abilities (need whole evening to describe them all and might do it next days) but at the moment it is obvious that game is not ready for multiplayer at all.....
  • _LOGAN__LOGAN_ Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited May 2019
    Да и вправду то что сейчас мы видим в игре удручает,но надеемся что скоро все исправите...

    This is an English language forum. Please post only in English or, at least, provide a translation.

    Via Google Translate:
    Indeed, what we see in the game now is depressing, but we hope that everything will be fixed soon ...

    Это форум на английском языке. Пожалуйста, пишите только на английском языке или, по крайней мере, предоставьте перевод.
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  • DictatorLawrenceLIGDictatorLawrenceLIG Posts: 1Registered Users
    Totally agree with Mors.
    Another small thing to take into account: the multiplayer and the Mod compartment are the two aspects that give indisputably longevity to a video game. I have more than 7000 hours on Rome2 and thousands of hours on Medieval2, Attila... Because it is thanks to the possibility of taking advantage of the work of the modders and because the multiplayer compartment is valid and allows these big titles to be played even though they are outdated. I think I can speak on behalf of the majority of Italian Total War players and I repeat how 3K is a fantastic game, beautiful. Let's make it even better with a multiplayer compartment worthy of the great work you have done and that deserves a applaud.
    Yours sincerely Loris aka Dictator Lawrence from Legio Italica Gaming Community.
  • KlaytonKlayton Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users

    The new game Three Kingdoms turned out to be atmospheric and beautiful with an interesting campaign in which the majority now plays.
    The multiplayer shogun 2 was the best in the series, it was a breakthrough for the strategy genre. What prevents to use a successful avatar of shogun 2?
  • stradomskistradomski Junior Member Posts: 5Registered Users
    I understand difficulties of creating avatar mode for three kingdoms. Sure it is very hard work and management will not allocate money for this. But! But CA can add abilities, subjects and companions for generals in multiplayer as in campain. And add more balance because some generals are useless or vice versa better than anyone else. At the present time game is not interesting for multiplayer.
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