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I thought there was a fix for reinforcements spawn position?

GaudiumGaudium Posts: 8Registered Users
Thought there was a Beta branch for it, for months and it is claimed to be fixed?
Well it is not, like many other things.
Friendly AI forces don't wait for you to get into the battlefield and charge without you.
Enemy own forces don't wait for their own forces to properly get out into the field and charge you leaving artillery units exposed.
Vassals declare war on your own allies, such as Baersoling declaring war on Chaos Warriors while playing as Beastmen. I will also guess you never addressed unit scale vs spell damage scale did you?
Or how about the trash performance and the lack of optimization patches?

Years are passing by and you CA just push out DLC's, disgusting.
What was the point of releasing 3K now instead of finishing all the Warhammer installments?
I would speculate that not many of Warhammer fans are interested in it which means you got less sales because you release titles in between and shooting yourself in the foot in the process.
Finish one installment and continue with the other, why are you stretching your teams this way?
I will also place my bet that if you haven't fixed issues in this game since years have passed, the other titles will get the same treatment.

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