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Ultrawide stuttering issue on main menu, campaign map & cut scenes

OiYouThereOiYouThere Registered Users Posts: 7
Build Number 9198.1663030

Detailed description of your issue:
Main menu, opening cut scene & campaign map stuttering. On fullscreen 3440x1440 fps constantly fluctuates from 80fps down to low 30s creating stuttering, even when playing on lowest graphics settings. I've tried playing 2560x1080 windowed and issue is still present.

Reproduction steps:
Using any 21:9 aspect ratio. The issue disappears entirely when using any 16:9 screen ratio, and is not visible in battles, even in large battles on extreme unit sizes.

All required files attached, and just to add some more info - I'm not experiencing any overheating while playing, this issue isn't present on any other game, and I've tried the standard verifying game files / reinstall the game etc.

Thanks for your help.
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