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How corruption works??

jagyjagy Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello, I'm playing as Sparta in WoS campaign and i would like to ask how corruption calculation works, because my corruption is at 102%...., I'm trying to set corruption to 0 and i already removed corruption from imperium effect but it's still at around 80%. So, can anyone tell me how corruption calculation works ? Thanks, and sorry for my english.


  • CogreCogre Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,183
    I don't think you can get it down to 0. But am not sure
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  • BebopanonymousBebopanonymous Registered Users Posts: 27
    edited May 2019
    ummm 102% corruption both seems impossible and it doesn't really make sense for it to go above 100%, seems like a glitch or something to be honest. I haven't played the wrath of Sparta campaign but I would imagine it should work in a similar if not same way as the grand campaign, in which case I don't think there are even enough provinces to reach that level of corruption.

    In a normal game Corruption increases from the amount of territory you control and your imperium level, i'm pretty sure those are the only things that modify corruption to go higher. Then you have a base corruption level as well I think.

    The only ways to reduce corruption are:
    • Researching certain technologies in the civic tree
    • Specializing certain agents for anti-corruption (these are different depending on factions, but for Sparta i think spys and maybe diplomats can do it)

        Actually thats all there is to reduce corruption without mods lol
        Other than that you simply have to make more money and reduce your costs where you can. This means you can no longer maintain a maximum amount of armies all at full strength, you will have to use units in more strategic ways.
        Capturing certain wonders is a really big deal especially once your empire grows, although I don't know which wonders are in the wrath of Sparta campaign.
        Specializing provinces and turning up the tax rate is pretty essential as the game goes on, as well as using agents and family members to boost those provinces.

        If you have already done all of this and your corruption is still ridiculously high then you have likely beat the game already and are trying to conquer the entire world which was never meant to be a game mechanic, like in reality it is a very impractical thing to do. In this case you will need to use a mod to modify corruption to go any further.
        ^This is the most balanced mod I can find that deals with corruption, but even this one seems abit much and will likely make the campaign far to easy.

        but ya corruption is basically meant to be absurd once you reach a certain point to curb your power, the biggest thing most people overlook is specializing your provinces, not just by military and non-military but specifically you need to specialize their exact source of income (agricultural, industrial, cultural, etc.)
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