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Unbalnced generals - change ranked multiplayer to record mode

Lynx121Lynx121 Registered Users Posts: 3
edited May 2019 in Multiplayer Bugs
On multiple occasions I have completely stomped my enemies army, however throughout the battle my opponent takes all 3 of his generals right through my lines and snipes all my generals one at a time ultimately leading to my forces routing. Despite my generals outmatching my opponents generals in a "duel" they just decline the duel and abuse one I would class as unbalanced mechanic and proceed to 3v1 my general and I cant do anything about it. I feel that this is being abused and need balancing. However if I am wrong and CA intended for battles to be carried out like this I am disappointed with the currently level of balancing.

Record mode is more about skill and stratergy not insane generals that can destroy your entire army.


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