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a simple idea to make Chaos invasion more nasty

dvernichondvernichon Posts: 9Registered Users
Good morning CA,
I didn't take the time to check if someone already had this one, so please excuse me if I just repeat an old thread.
Here is the idea:
for every settlement razed by a chaos faction, the ones with the nice Chaos icon hovering above, apply a +1 Chaos corruption to the event Chaos.
In other words, +1 Chaos corruption worldwide for every settlement razed by Chaos.

Consequences as I see it:

- the influence of Chaos invasion would be felt everywhere, not just in the few regions actually invaded by Chaos. Actually it could become quite dramatic if the Invasion is a little succesful. Think of the effects of a widespread chaos corruption of 10... 20... 30!?

- the rise of corruption would help Chaos hordes to move and replenish, while complicating things for every other factions.

- until now there are many situations where the player can more or less ignore Chaos invasion, which is a shame from the lore point of view. With that rule, even a player far away from the Chaos invasion would be forced at least to ask himself if he should send an army to take care of Chaos more quickly than the IA are able to do.

Thanks for reading.


  • Aram_theheadAram_thehead Posts: 901Registered Users
    I think that this might make the invasion too annoying. Buildings can give up to 10 untainted and the AI is usually not able to prevent chaos from razing at least 10 settlements. Settlements also get a chaos shrine when razed by chaos rebels, so you would have a lot of them on the map at the same time. This would make all your territories rebel very often. This means that your armies will be forced to deal with rebellions instead of fighting chaos like you suggested.
  • dvernichondvernichon Posts: 9Registered Users
    @Aram_thehead: of course it could be balanced, maybe 1 corruption point for 1 city razed is too much. But still, the idea is precisely to put you in a dire situation.
    As I think Chaos Invasion should be. Now it is at best mildly annoying, at worst a non-event.

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