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Next Historical big game

Fredrik_SwedenFredrik_Sweden Registered Users Posts: 1
I would so much like to see you guys do a big historical game of the Renaissance age and the Baroque age in one game. You haven't really done that period yet and its such a rich time in history, the age of discovery. So many fractions hunting for new lands, glory, riches, and spreading what they believed was the right church and god. I love Total War Empire, you can play it for like thousands times, choosing different scenarios and new lands to colonize, and choosing from so many different factions to play. A huge World map like Empire, trade using the silk road that Marco Polo set up to the east, colonize all the continents, get in contact with the islands of japan and so forth. Make it huge. Its that feeling of discovery and finding new ways of changing history that makes Total War so fantastic.


  • sammy365sammy365 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I think it could be trojan war era. With the new duel system which is a quality addition to the series its one of the eras where this was used most. There is also a lot they could use from the Iliad to make the campaign really fun. Could also be interesting to see their take on the trojan war. But renaissance would be cool too.
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