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Military tactics for Empire Total War?

IncendioIncendio Posts: 48Registered Users
Do you know successful military tactics for both land battles or naval battles in Empire Total War? After doing again the game tutorial I have to say I didn't learn anything about military tactics! Besides the very basics knowledge of this game of using square formations against cavalry or chasing retreating infantry units with cavalry to cause more fatalities and lower the enemy morale, and also positioning my troops using terrain advantage in heights (as was usual in this period warfare), I would like to know other advanced tactics that can be applied in this game, also for naval combat. I would appreciate if someone can give me further advice. I don't find tutorial any useful in this regard.


  • SS_CenturionSS_Centurion Posts: 1Registered Users
    In Empire Total War, try to utilize your strongest units (ex. British Highlanders or Guards) to reinforce breaks in your line infantry units. Try to place your line infantry on the most important choke points such as valleys and place your strong units on nearby hills, hidden from artillery. As for artillery, I like to use them for their grapeshot function. I tend to integrate them into my line infantry and effectively use them against charging units. Of course, this strategy is flawed, but when it works, it changes the course of the battle.
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