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Military tactics for Empire Total War?

IncendioIncendio Registered Users Posts: 61
Do you know successful military tactics for both land battles or naval battles in Empire Total War? After doing again the game tutorial I have to say I didn't learn anything about military tactics! Besides the very basics knowledge of this game of using square formations against cavalry or chasing retreating infantry units with cavalry to cause more fatalities and lower the enemy morale, and also positioning my troops using terrain advantage in heights (as was usual in this period warfare), I would like to know other advanced tactics that can be applied in this game, also for naval combat. I would appreciate if someone can give me further advice. I don't find tutorial any useful in this regard.


  • SS_CenturionSS_Centurion Registered Users Posts: 1
    In Empire Total War, try to utilize your strongest units (ex. British Highlanders or Guards) to reinforce breaks in your line infantry units. Try to place your line infantry on the most important choke points such as valleys and place your strong units on nearby hills, hidden from artillery. As for artillery, I like to use them for their grapeshot function. I tend to integrate them into my line infantry and effectively use them against charging units. Of course, this strategy is flawed, but when it works, it changes the course of the battle.
  • RandomDuncRandomDunc Registered Users Posts: 2
    I haven't played Empire, just Napoleon.. I took a gaming mags advice to auto bot the naval battles as they are we too complicated to control. If you go Britain in Napoleon you have the strongest navy pretty soon.

    I was hoping I could get some advice on good graphics cards to play the Empire from. I've got £200 for a good refurbed laptop, but most of them have integrated, **** graphics on them?.. Here's what I learned from Napoleon:

    I imagine the same principals apply in the games, like use your cannon well an protect them with calvery close by. Use as many Scottish regiments as you can!

    I once held off Gibraltar from 10 full armies, with a quarter of an army. 4 guns using canister pointed close range at the entry of the breach, 2 basic regiments, an 2/3 calvary to finish off the survivor's. It was economically sound and tied up the French and Spanish efforts for a while, an focused on making a big Navy there.. but the French never seem to run out of money! Even if I blockade all their ports, raid all their mines and villages.. Take their towns!! They're like Sauron's army and just keep coming.. So play slow defensive, to make sure economy keeps up with your army costs.. Some total wars are easy to control economy, even on hard.. But This one is always what's ended me the most.. Even when I was kicking as on the battles.

    There not much other relevant examples I can give in comparison to Empire [Because I've not played it], but off the beaten track, if you want to be good with battles, best watch some documentaries or read somthing like Sharpe to learn how they were actually doing it back then. It was the first time huge armies were using guns against each other on mass scale.. Must have been terrifying! You have to utilise your calvery, artillery, and infantry so theyre working in force together, and protecting each other.. And knowing which units not to use them against. Have a good set up and be defensive.. You won't even need big armies to conquer places, an the hard fight is the economy.. I'm sure Shogun taught me that.

    I'm glad there's this forum to discuss the game, I'm a massive appreciator of it an was just searching for some advice on which laptops will run it, though I'd welcome any tips to get me started on Empire, would be much grateful..
    Many thanks

    Basyl Danish M. A
  • ColdstreamerColdstreamer Registered Users Posts: 7
    edited August 2019
    My personal setup (iv'e won every battle when I use this, not joking):

    * General
    * 8 Infantry (2 Grens, 2 Guards, 4 Infantry - Elite on the right)
    * 4 Artillery (2 Heavy Field, 2 Howitzers)
    * 4 Cavalry (Preferably all the same, like 4 Dragoons, or 4 Light Cavalry)
    * 2 Skirms (Or Lights)
    * 1 Reserve Infantry (To Cover Artillery)

    Btw I've been playing the game since 2015 (So I know a thing or two)

    For an example:

    Using a V formation seems to work the best, the infantry funnel the enemy into the artillery and destroy them, and as they run away the cavalry on the flanks chase them down. This is how I won a battle one with just 10 units to a full stack, and I lost 100 men compared to the enemy's 2000..

    An example of the left flank here:

    Everyone has their own style which is the great thing about this game. But this is may way, and I've been using it just under two years and has worked EVERY time..
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