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When do you personally see the Chaos Invasion trigger in your campaigns?

user_clueuser_clue Registered Users Posts: 4
edited May 2019 in General Discussion
I'm curious when others see the Chaos Invasion event trigger in their campaigns. Personal I've seen it trigger as early as turn 120 and as late as 180. I'm not asking about how the mechanic itself works, but just for your own personal experiences.
Also, about how large was your empire when it did trigger? I'm running some tests right now and I need to set a decent and realistic point for the invasion to trigger.
This is just for the purpose of survey.


  • GreyKnightDantesGreyKnightDantes Registered Users Posts: 230
    edited May 2019
    Chaos Trigger happens depending on how powerful you are. If you are relatively weak, the trigger happens much later, usually mid to late 100's turn.

    However, everytime you get stronger, you tend to reach a certain threshold whereby the trigger has a higher chance of triggering much early. Earliest you can expect is turn 60+.

    It follows the Imperium mechanic that was present in older total wars. There are certain threshold of power, and each time you reach it, an event/world-wide modifier is implemented.

    In warhammer's case, if you reach in the top 3 factions in terms of power, the trigger happens at a much earlier stage. Atleast thats what I observed
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  • Red CometRed Comet Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 7,443
    Too soon. As turtling player I usually see it too soon. Sometimes I have two completed provinces by turn 100.
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  • sandercohensandercohen Registered Users Posts: 188
    I thought the full invasion with Archaon only occurs once you have 30 settlements?
  • kondenadokondenado Registered Users Posts: 384
    Personally, I don't care when is it launched. I would rather prefer to have a notice in advance - let's say 15 turns -
  • GloatingSwineGloatingSwine Registered Users Posts: 297

    I thought the full invasion with Archaon only occurs once you have 30 settlements?

    In Mortal Empires I've tended to find it fires when you're at about 45, give or take a few.
  • onchristieroadonchristieroad Registered Users Posts: 77
    I've seen it usually spawn around 27 settlements but a lot less beyond turn 100. Just the first wave. There seems to be another trigger for Archaon's wave. Maybe 50ish settlements. Not sure of exact numbers though.
  • GloatingSwineGloatingSwine Registered Users Posts: 297
    Though I did just have Archaon spawn at 31 settlements with Bretonnia. Was about turn 160 (I've been putting off the last battle).

    It's possibly some formula including both, with increasing chance to happen as you increase in settlements and time.
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