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Dong Zhuo Diaochan event automatically death bug

OmbreMortelleOmbreMortelle Registered Users Posts: 1
With a friend, we play a multiplayer campaign, i play Tyrant Dong Zhuo and he play He yi, the yellow turban.
But in turn 10-11, i have the "Diaochan Event" for Dong Zhuo with three choices:
-Follow story
-Kill Wang yun
-Refuse his proposition

But, whatever the choise the result is death of Dong Zhuo.
We have reload multiple time the save before the event to test an other choice, it does not change anything.
The next turn after the choice, dong zhuo die except the choice reuse his proposition where Dong Zhuo stand 2-3 turn before die because event.
I'm sur the cause is the "Diaochan event" because my friend has the report Wang wun kill Dong Zhuo with his adoptive daughter.



  • Beckstreaker07Beckstreaker07 Registered Users Posts: 28
    This also happened to me, I found the only way to keep him alive is allow her to marry Lu Bu when that part of the story arises
  • Escl00Escl00 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Happened to me as well in my co-op campaign. Dong Zhuo will die from the second player's event so whatever the Dong Zhuo player chooses doesn't matter.
  • Redphoenix596Redphoenix596 Registered Users Posts: 49
    Yes this happens for me also, really sad. Playi g as the uniquely interesting and very cool looking dong was to be the highlight of 3k for me. And i only really play mp campaigns. Really hope this event is fixed sooon!
  • DenatomDenatom Registered Users Posts: 2
    Can confirm. Happend to me and my friend also. As soon as the Diaochan event triggers for him, my Dong was doomed.
  • Redcelerity#8073Redcelerity#8073 Registered Users Posts: 69
    edited June 2019
    This is still a damn problem that needs to be fixed, Dong Zhuo is literally unplayable in Co-op!, please fix this mess already.

    I am playing Co-op with my brother, a month ago, near the release, we stopped because Dong zhuo died instantly, he saw the Diao Chan event, I saw no event, Dong Zhuo died with no event choices at all, leaving your faction to crumple to dust before you can fix the problem, please fix this blasted bug already!!!, the problem is still present even now!!
  • Redcelerity#8073Redcelerity#8073 Registered Users Posts: 69
    Bumping as this is still a problem even in the new mandate dlc.
  • Redphoenix596Redphoenix596 Registered Users Posts: 49
    yeah very sad this hasnt been fixed still :(
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