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Dwarfs need a Legendary Lord that emphasizes their ingenuity



  • MaedrethnirMaedrethnir Senior Member Posts: 6,000Registered Users
    Ol_Nessie said:

    Ol_Nessie said:

    So there isn't really that much to it. Rune Golems then?! One for every rune to rule them all!

    I see I have to spoon feed you. Here are the Anvil of Doom Runes from 6th edition which could be used in some capacity to improve how the Anvil of Doom works in Total War:

    Rune Golems are barely canon and what little is written about them makes it quite clear that they're no longer in service. To tack on to that, adding Tomb King-esque constructs to the Dwarf roster would fundamentally change how they fight as an army, so much so that re-balancing would almost certainly be necessary in order to cater to MP folks which would almost invariably mean nerfing other areas of the roster. As a self-proclaimed Dwarf fanboy, I'm more or less happy with how the Dwarfs work right now. There's definitely some changes I'd like to see, but this certainly isn't one of them.
    Just don't forget to wipe my mouth!

    Those are not bad. I like them not-spells. They would go nicely with Rune Golems! One unit won't change that much, except for fancy unit being in that is. Let's forget about MP.
    I'm gonna ignore the trollish-ness and just address your last point. You can't forget about MP. Balance changes made on behalf of Multiplayer apply just the same to single player as well. So even though I neither want nor would ever use the Rune Golem if it were added, I'd still suffer for it.

    I'm confident though that it won't make it in. Besides the questionable canon and it's potential to disrupt the balance, there are a number of units which are more official and more in line with the Dwarfs play-style such as the Thunderbarge, Goblin Hewer, and Doomseekers. There's also the fact that we still haven't gotten a Merwyrm or a compensation LL for Norsca.
    No, really, let's forget about MP!

    Ok, I will take Thunderbarge and one variant od Rune Golems instead of two, deal? You know my weak points. Where is me compensation for Norsca? Where is me Merwyrm?!
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