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I am getting stuck in a situation where I become "untrustworthy" no matter what

Sky_SweeperrSky_Sweeperr Senior MemberOklahomaPosts: 1,701Registered Users
I made treaties with an AI, then that AI decided to attack my vassal. Now I have two options - break my vassal treaty, or break the treaties with the other party, and both of them give me a great "untrustworthy" score. This really needs to be fixed, I should not be considered "untrustworthy" for defending my vassal from the aggressor. They should get the untrustworthy penalty in their diplomacy, not me! This is total BS.
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  • HavieHavie Posts: 1,118Registered Users
  • cool_ladcool_lad Senior Member IndiaPosts: 2,272Registered Users
    I have to agree. This diplomatic Catch 22 was a bad thing in the earlier games, but is made all the worse in this game since the diplomacy is so central to gameplay.
  • Beckstreaker07Beckstreaker07 Posts: 27Registered Users
    If possible let them free from your vassal prior to the event and you don't get hit with the negative repercussions
  • AcamalityAcamality Posts: 21Registered Users
    Yeah I agree in that it's a stupid mechanic. I shouldn't be considered untrustworthy for breaking a NAP to defend the vassal that I am literally pledged and paid to defend from attackers.

    I once signed a single NAP and the other person then declared war on 3 of my vassals. Sure, you get more trustworthiness for defending your vassal than what you lose for breaking the NAP, but if you have more than one agreement your trust just tanks.
  • FubarPFubarP Posts: 7Registered Users
    If you sign a NAP, that should cover your Vassals. But yeah, I just stopped caring about my trustworthy since I've been -10 since the beginning basically. I can't get out because everytime I get close, someone wants me to go to war. It's gotten bad enough that I refuse to do anything Diplomatic anymore.
  • PhraxasPhraxas Posts: 2Registered Users
    I completely agree. This issue and another involving my 6-territory-size vassal being confederated by an enemy 1-sized vassal brought me to these forums.

    The politics in this game are absolutely broken. I should not have any untrustworthiness for doing trustworthy things.
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