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Multiplayer improvements (Rewards and Progression).

juasanpar@hotmail.com[email protected] Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi guys!

Recently I started playing online battles in Total War: Warhammer 2 along with some friends. We have been enjoying the game so far, fighting against other players in large battles and trying new factions and tactics to explore all the posibilities Warhammer 2 can provide in terms of gameplay.

However, we find some aspects of the multiplayer that discourage us to continue playing the game:

-The matchmaking works really bad when you look for matches with team mates.
-Sometimes it takes too long to find players when you create a public multiplayer room. Also, 1 out of 3 times for some reason the room gets buggy, making it really annoying and time losing to start an online match.
-You don't get any reward when you have been playing the multiplayer for a long time or mastered a faction and improved your skills. No ranked system, no statistics, no game history with results ...

My friends and I also play popular multiplayer games such as League Of Legends, Overwatch, Counter Strike, etc, and we all think that the are two main facts that encourage us to play these games and continue getting better: Progression and Rewards.

So, we think several features could be implemented not only for Warhammer, but for all upcoming Total War titles that may improve their multiplayer aspect and have an important impact on the continuity and growth of the player base:

-Add a fair ranked system similar to the one other games have, so that players will be assigned to a division according to their skill and be matched through matchmaking with players that share that skill so that no unfair games will take place.
-Include a statistic system so that players can review their most played factions, units, damage dealt with each unit, most used hero, etc. Anything that may be useful to keep track of you development in the game.
-Set up in-game rules (not player spoken ones) that will keep the game balanced and prevent toxic behaviours, such as prohibiting spams, full air units armies, etc.
-Letting players choose the faction they want to play in matchmaking BEFORE they are matched to another player. This will prevent players from changing the faction to the one that counters the rival, ensuring fair and skilled games.
-Establishing an efective ban system, so that non-deportive players can be reported and punished accordingly in order to keep the multiplayer a respectful and fun place to play.
-Apart from the ranked system, players might find rewarding and motivating to have a level system, skins, icons and other features that will be unlocked while playing. Also, daily missions and achievements would be a great idea to motivate players to try new factions, tactics, game modes, units, etc.

These points would not only improve the multiplayer experience, but also introduce the Total War games into the E-Sports scenario, which would grant the saga an tremendous boost in popularity. We consider Total War to be perfect to include this features, as it contains extremely skilled games with a tremendous amount of gameplay possibilities (taking into account all the factors that have an impact on the battle, such as terrain, differences among the factions, the different types of units ...) that provide a wide room to improve and forge proffessional players.

Thanks for your attention, all kind of suggestions in this thread are welcome.

Kind regards,


  • SmallUpsettersSmallUpsetters Registered Users Posts: 1
    So much yes to all of this.

    I play similar games and this is the first game I’ve played that had me thinking “I sort of wish there were loot boxes”. Nothing pay to win, but different color schemes for armies. Maybe different skins for lords or heroes. Even fancy banners could be cool.

    Starcraft has a progression system that rarely gives anything I want, but there are some cool things along the way, and it’s nice to have a rank, some stuff to show for my time and a lot of my games played.

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