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Forced March & allowing armies to retreat is broken and should be patched

Danniboy_27Danniboy_27 Posts: 1Registered Users
Giving the Ai the ability to force march their armies and keep the ability to run away (retreat from battle) as if the army never moved should be patched.

Especially with the AI's annoying & repetitive pathfinding that has the user chase the enemy armies in literal circles around a small section of the world map. Mofos go back and around the mountains over and over until you (as a user) get tired and let the AI army take a settlement to break the cycle or have a third AI surprisingly declare a surprise war against you - all of this while you are still going in circles trying to catch the enemy army around in its forced march state.

**** is annoying, broken and should also apply to the user's armies' as well - lose the ability to retreat from battle if the army is engaged in forced march state.

Balance the world map by forcing both the AI and Player to strategically move their armies around with the danger of being caught off guard - Think Rome and its lost legions.


  • MaleAmazonMaleAmazon Senior Member Posts: 663Registered Users
    You can put the chasing army in ambush stance, and they should lose men because of lost military supplies.

    Personally I think it is ok as it is.

    At least you don´t have 5 factions surviving by putting their royal families in lifeboats on the Atlantic Ocean (Attila :D ).
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