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Realistic Assessment on what DLC and FLC LL and possibly Heroes could come for WH2

marvidmarvid Registered Users Posts: 49

I just wanted to ask you guys for a REALISTIC assessment on which LL are still left out and are most likely to join the game ass either DLC or FLC? I also wanted to talk about something which I think is one underrated Topic: The Arrival of legendary Heroes in the game. I honestly think that with the P&W DLC the biggest Innovation that came with is the legendary Heroe char. It opens up so many possibilities for the game now. What do you guys think? Will we see more legendary Heroes in the future? What's up next?


  • SiWISiWI Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 10,899
    "realistic" on this forum? you must be new here...

    Also why isn't this in Warhammer General Forum? Anyway.

    To attempt to answer your question:

    For the High Elves we have following characters left (from armybook last edition)

    Elatharion the Grim, is the only named Lord of the armybook still missing.

    Now you sometimes will hear the name Imrik, who doesn't have a spot in the last armybook but has fans and would bring a dragon as mount.

    Another then that, we have 2 heroes missing:
    Caradryan, Captain of the Phoenix Guard and Korhil, Captain of the White Lions

    CA could promote them to Lord, they have done that before.
    Now as "LH" they seem unlikely because the LH we got (Green Knight and Korak) are very unique characters which those 2 are not quite.

    Dark Elves:
    the most heard name you will find is Malus Darkblade.
    Missing Armybook choice and star of his own book series and hence very popular by the fans, he does seem the obvious choice for a new DE lord.

    But there are more:
    As heroes we have Shadowblade, who is probably better as rite/LH since he is an assasin.
    Tullaris Dreadbringer could be promoted to Lord and would be a fitting rival for either Caradryan or Korhil.
    Kouran Blackhand is in a similar postion thou does fir Caradryan more then Korhil.

    you usually see 2 names pop up for skaven:
    Thanaquol and Throt
    Thanaquol is a grey seer with a rat orge and his chances are mainly base on his popularity as character and that he is kinda promised.
    Throt has the advantage that he presents one of the great plans who is less represented: Clan Moulder.
    The missing units of the Skaven are mainly Moulder, so you can see the argument here.

    Deathmaster Snikch is a interesting case for Lord being demoted to Hero, since he technically can't lead armies and hence would fit better a LH.

    For LM you hear a couple of different names. Some go with a named Kroxigors, some want a different, perhaps someone else can help you better.

    All of this is written without cross over DLC in mind since I don't know if you view this as "realistic".
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