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New regions to add in upcoming Empire/Greenskin updates.

Mr_CarsteinMr_Carstein Posts: 29Registered Users
I really like that CA has added new regions to Bretonnia and the Empire in the Doomsayer patch. They added new places to these provinces without taking away the feel of the human lands. I had a couple suggestions for other regions and factions that CA could add in order to give more variety and challenges for Empire players, especially since the western portion of the Empire still has large, empty areas that give more than enough room for a couple regions.

1.) The Black Pit in Middenland. Middenland is a very huge province that could benefit from having this goblin menace lurking within it. It will give the Empire more greenskins to fight other than the skulltakerz and the ones next to Marienburg.

2.) Bitter Stink in the Wasteland. I think there's still a lack of skaven in the old world. The Wasteland is one of those very large provinces that has more than enough space for a Skaven faction to serve as a threat to empire players. Clan Scruten are the ones who reside here, but CA could also just give the region to one of the existing AI skaven factions.

3.) The Witch Wood (the province can be named Laurelorn Forest) in Nordland. This is home of a group of wood elves who have an uneasy non-aggression pact with the nearby humans. This tiny region could be placed between Nordland and Middenland and players would have a chance to deal with wood elves in the north of the Empire.

Also, it would be really cool if there were more under-cities at the start of the game. One under Helmgart for example from Clan Fester is what I'd really love to see!

Would really love to hear your opinions and more suggestions!

And thanks to CA for all the awesome improvements you're making to the game!

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