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suggestion for minor non-playable factions

Karoten2Karoten2 Registered Users Posts: 254
Minor factions do not recruit proper armies, I think, the core problem is, that AI does not know to proper manage provinces and build advanced recruitment building - I suggest to adjust building chains for minor factions - simply reduced to 1 or 2 chains.

1) minor eastern factons /Media Atropatene, Persia, Selucid satrapies,..../
to merge cavalry chains into one

2) minor non-playable desert factions /african, numidian, arab/ ; Etruscan League; Bithynia; Cappadocia
simple make one universal military recruitment building for all units

You can check through faction unlocker mod or Honga, those factions are very badly designed, and it would help them to play effective, if the player decides to let them survive as alies/trade partners or liberate them,

On the other side, Rome has all important units from heavy barracks chain, what is huge advantage after all

What do You guys thing? I would like to see this as official update


  • BebopanonymousBebopanonymous Registered Users Posts: 27
    If that's a recurring problem then your suggestion sounds like a good solution for it, as long as it only applies to AI. I doubt it would even need to be an official patch since it's probably simple enough for a mod to address.
    I think part of the problem though is the AI is just really stupid sometimes. I have seen situations where even when there are empires large enough to have proper military provinces they don't bother with it at all for some reason. Such as Egypt using basic units for almost the entire game.

    I have actually seen the opposite problem in all of my games though funny enough. For some reason all of the small and insignificant states almost always destroy and take over some of the largest and most powerful factions in the game. This is likely due to poor AI decisions on the campaign map along with the imbalance of auto resolve when multiple armies combine for a single battle.
    I have yet to see Rome expand out of Italy a single time in all of my campaigns, even after hundreds of turns they still just sit there doing nothing. Rome usually just stations many small legions on the isles around Italy and don't do anything all game :/

    It also seems that factions that begin with the ability to create multiple armies tend to make many half baked armies instead of a full strength one, while single city states who are only allowed a few armies make them full strength which gives them an obvious advantage when they finally move out.
  • BebopanonymousBebopanonymous Registered Users Posts: 27

    Heres another thread that talks about basically the same stuff, he also mentions how even when AI do build the proper buildings they will still recruit awful units sometimes for some reason.
  • Karoten2Karoten2 Registered Users Posts: 254
    Yes, it is very interesting analysis, it looks that another problem is that AI does not disband early units

    About my point - he compares "developed" factions - sasanids, romans from Empire campaign, the factions with multiple provinces and already start with buildings on beginning of campaign, so are able to develop themself.

    I speak mainly about one-region factions, which are not able to develop and usually field -only- basic units from town center...
    And that I would like to improve
  • Karoten2Karoten2 Registered Users Posts: 254

    usually those factions look like this
  • BebopanonymousBebopanonymous Registered Users Posts: 27
    lol ya that sucks X_X
    Only having two building slots will cause basically every issue in the game. They will either have to starve or go through constant revolts without ever even having a military structure.
    Maybe ontop of combining military structures for AI they could unlock more city slots for factions from the beginning for factions like those to give them some kind of chance lol
  • Karoten2Karoten2 Registered Users Posts: 254
    ...and yes, you right about AI's decisions on campaign map, for example in my Syracuse campaign in rise of republic, the Carthage also could not expand on sicily, even they have superior forces...
    It looks AI generally does not know properly to manage bigger territory, how to use armies- bigger factions should have advantage over smaller
    Auto-resolve definitely needs to be fixed, there are some videos on youtube, which show the problems in practice

  • Karoten2Karoten2 Registered Users Posts: 254

    another one....
    as Saba you have very easy beginning against those factions in Arabia, which are same

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