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Necessary QOL Improvement: Notification to renew expiring deals

foxyboxfoxybox Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey everyone! Like many people here, I've been having a blast with the game so far. The new diplomacy system and the addition of the trade-able food resource have added a ton of depth to the game, but also a complication:

In my Legendary Kong Rong game I keep running into an annoying problem: my economy keeps dropping every time I my food export deals run out! I can almost always renegotiate immediately them but it still leaves me with a turn of lost income.

Can we have a chance to renew/renegotiate trade deals with the other factions right before they expire, preferably during their turn on the Inter-turn sequence? This way I don't need to keep track of how many turns the deals are going to last.

Same thing for when I'm playing as a food importer. I would rather be able to just fork over my GPT for Food during the inter-turn phase so I don't suffer a turn of food loss.

I hope this is possible, and thank you always for doing such a great job CA!
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