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Coop desync

DlohDloh Registered Users Posts: 1
edited May 2019 in Multiplayer Bugs
Build Number: V1.0.0 9292.1665972

Description: Constantly having a 'Waiting for Players' issue, where regardless if I am hosting or not, my friend and I are constantly hit by wave after wave of what I would assume is desync. I've tried forwarding ports specifically for the game, following https://portforward.com/total-war-three-kingdoms/ website. The only way we've been able to play without constant interruption(it was a single battle, but it was happening every 30-45 seconds) is if I set myself into Ipv4 DMZ mode, but I am worried about the risks. Is it that big of a security risk for just enabling it to play for a couple of hours, without doing anything else and then turning it back off.

Normally I would chalk it up to internet providers, but we can go and hop on Total War: Warhammer 2 and play just fine. So I am wondering if there are specific ports that need to be forwarded that the website didn't give me, I know the legitimacy of the website isn't that great, but it helped me go from NAT Yellow in some other games to NAT Green, so I figured it would help here.

I'm currently rocking Spectrum, and my router is an ARRIS Model CM820A

Reproduction Steps: Currently it is out of my control, it just seems to happen randomly during our game, to the point where eventually one of us is completely disconnected.

Multiplayer Save: I will edit my initial post when I can grab the .save file.

Edit: Unsure if I should have posted this here, or in performance. If it's in the wrong location, someone just correct me and I will repost in the proper channel. Thank you!
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