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General campaign improvements (Vortex & mortal empires); suggestions

TeNoSkillTeNoSkill Posts: 2,827Registered Users
The campaign is the heart of this game and needs as much replayability as possible. And replayability is only created through choices and options available.
I ll try to present options here, that are (comparatively) easy to implement with as much impact as possible.

1. Tech-tree

Tech trees are the number 1 way to implement interesting new ideas without burning them too quickly/ bringing too much unbalance into the game.
While they shouldn t bring only new things, a few totally new things need to be in like abilities/ changes to curent presets/ new buildings etc;
Simply put, new ways to play the game. e.g

- Put in a 4th stage for the minor settlement (for some factions) to make minor cities more important. by allowing the more important buildings to be built at least at stage 4
- Improve commandments or let us unlock new ones.
- Improve faction mechanics through reasearchable expansions ( e.g areas with +60% VC corruption bcome visible to the player, new office slots for the Empire with unique items etc)
- Allow us to unlock new abilities for units instead of plain stat buffs (e.g Hunger for Vargheists or Lance formation for Empire knights)
- Maybe allow us to research suitable climates and/or immunity to attrition of certain types of ground (mountain/forest/etc)

and here are further examples

More actual Empire builing

While this game trilogy focus on visual appealing battles, those will never happen if the people are bored on the campaignmap and never bother to fight because of it.
Empirebuilding needs battles and wars and therefore NEEDS to be taken care of.

Key to Empirebuilding are

More actual buildings

Sounds easy, tho it shouldn t end in " this building is only for that and this is only for that" .
- buildings that focus on trade and commerce ( so that it is a "living feature" and not static)
- maybe another building chain for the ressources that "refines" said ressource ( for example goldsmith generating X amount of money based on X amount of available gold) to provide more advanced boni.
- cultural buildings, that may allow you to negate (some!) negative aspects of uninhabitable climates

Use existing base features in more then 1 way

-Growth is only usefull as long as the city chain is not fully built up, after that it becomes useless.
--> chain it to a building chain that generates money based on growth lvls eg. 50g on lvl 1, 100 on lvl2 etc.

- ressources only serve as trade goods and are the only reason trade exists.
--> make it a requirement for certain buildings or technologies and that by number e.g u nit 8 units of iron to build and maintain an armory so you will need to secure ressources through trade or conquest.
Also spread them a bit more often and maybe even more then once per province e.g the whole Imperial south should have farmlands as resource and in the mountains there should be more iron to mine.

Giving more weight to diplomacy

Diplomacy is a shadow of itself and barely worth the effort with the occasional trade agreement and non-aggression pact.
That should be changed through an introduction of more options.

- "threaten" was an option in shogun and Empire/Napoleon and would be ideal in warhammer; forcing your will upon your underlings or stubborn allies makes perfect sense and having it work based on the balance of power bar wouldn t make it too complicated.
- "Trading regions" was possible in previous games and should be doable here again so that you could actually support your ally and not have to hope he recolonizes. Ofc the bars should be high for the AI and certain regions it should never trade (like Stirland tradings Stirland or similar stupidity)
- "Suggest alliance" should allow to unite against a bigger threat and would prove exspecially useful for the Empire, so that you don t have to hope ur allies declare war on each other.
- "Military alliance" should allow you to see settlements and armies of your allies on the campaignmap
- "Vassals" should be more controllable then allies, in matters of economical e.g tribute rate or militarily e.g have them focus on defense and build up a stronghold or a strong army.

Harder to controll campaignmap

Fog of war in your own provinces

So that you have to watch what lurks in the depths of your province, providing at least Beastmen and Savage orks greater chances of survival. There could even be a building chain (or technology) that then inceases sight-radius.

And last ;

Put free for all into the Grand campaign. It does not happen often, but it is fun and a very welcome possibility of change in contrast to 1 faction vs 1.


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