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Projectile Draw Distance and Depth of Field

TantoTanto Registered Users Posts: 1
Trebuchet normal shot disappears very shortly after being launched. Fire projectiles from trebuchet are visible a little while longer but then disappear as well. Normal arrows are also barely visible when compared to past titles. I play with trails off because I prefer realism. Arrows seem to have a minimum distance to actually appear on screen, seems like you have to be almost right on top of them to see them, and no it’s not because of projectile trails being off, past titles did not have this issue. And lastly, when watching any type of flaming projectile being shot towards the camera, the projectiles look EXTREMELY blurry. Like a major depth of field filter is applied to them and they don’t appear clear until they are very close to camera. They look so blurry it hurts my head to watch. Is there any way to fix these issues? No past titles had these problems.
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