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Could you add short life story for generals who were in original romance and history?

ksw3082ksw3082 Registered Users Posts: 1
First, Thanks for your work CA. Total war three kingdom is so great. thanks for making reborn my childhood romance nicely.

I'd like to suggest adding general's short life stories who lived actual history.Not only generals who have unique outfit but also clone outfit generals like Cao ren of Cao cao or Jian Yong of Liu bei.

I know you guys already made unique background for generals who exist in history like Guan yu's art of war. But We can't find them out easily especially they have clone outfit.

If you add a short life story not so much just only one or two sentences, We can find them out way easier and also the newcomers who don't know romance of three kingdom well know better who the Cao ren is or Jian Yong is.

e.g Cao ren : 168 ~ 223 A relative and general under the banner of Cao Cao. He followed Cao Cao early and show his loyalty whole life. He was a faithful and steady sentinel of zhing zou.

I know you guys busy now for upcoming dlc and patches. But If you add life stories for generals which lived in real history, Players Satisfy much only a few sentences.

I hope you guys consider this positively and thank you for read this.


  • TheGuardianOfMetalTheGuardianOfMetal Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 11,667
    give us back a proper ingame encyclopedia.
    Every wrong is recorded. Every slight against us, page after page, ETCHED IN BLOOD! Clan Gunnisson! Karak Eight Peaks! JOSEF BUGMAN! TOTAL WAR TROY FOR ONE YEAR EXCLUSIVELY ON THE EPIC GAMES STORE!"

    The Empire still hasn't gotten their FLC LL. We need Marius Leitdorf of Averland!

    Where is Boris Todbringer? Have you seen him? For a Middenland DLC with Boris and the Ar-Ulric!

    Queek could smell their hatred, ratcheted to a degree that even he could not evoke in their simple hearts. He stepped over the old orange-fur’s body, eager to see for himself what it was they saw. But he heard it first.
    'Waaaaaaaggh! Gorfang!'
  • johncagejohncage Registered Users Posts: 256
    edited June 2019
    most generals had clone outfits, cord and plaque armor and other fancey stuff were not invented yet. generals would wear the best available armor which was lamellar or scale, and a scale or cast helmet.

    during the wei supremacy, they had scale faulds which reached their shins, but that's not represented in the game very well(they should wrap all the way around the leg like a skirt. curently they're like two wings hanging down on the outside thigh of either leg).

    this is what most generals would have looked like perhaps with different style or level of protection helmets and they would have pheasant feathers on their helmets

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